Spiritual exercises and retreats accompanied by ECEM

The Claretian Team of Missionary Evangelisation (ECEM) has accompanied several batches of spiritual exercises and retreats during the month of May:

– In the Monastery of Santa Paula of Seville they have animated some spiritual exercises from May 14 to 21.

– Spiritual exercises in everyday life. On 22 May, the planned itinerary of those who have lived this experience in Almendralejo and in Seville -Parroquia Claret- came to an end. As a culmination, they had an afternoon of retreat to bless the Lord for what it has meant for each of the retreatants to live this experience since the end of October, and to implore the coming of the Spirit. On the 29th the retreatants from the Parish of San Juan de Don Benito also finished their retreat.

– Retreats. They animated a retreat for the Conceptionists of Campo Maior (Portugal) on the 19th and 20th. They also did it in Don Benito: for the Claretian missionaries on the 22nd, and for the Little Sisters of the Elderly Homeless on the 27th.

– On the 30th they animated a retreat in the Parish of Nuestra Señora del Pilar of Tenerife, in which all the persons who are following the itinerary of the Spiritual Exercises participated.

– Finally, they accompanied the Novena of the Heart of Mary in Don Benito, which was preached by Fr. Antonio Ávila from 21 to 29 May.



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