Serving the Word

by Antonio Sanjuán Marín, CMF

Antonio Sanjuán cmf, a Claretian Missionary who lives in the community of Almendralejo (Badajoz, Spain),
He makes a short comment on one verse of the Gospel of each day.

Serving the Word

by Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf

Every Sunday Juan Ramón Gómez, cmf writes to us from Málaga (Spain)
with a short commentary on the readings of the day.

The Pillars of the Earth

Taking care of the Familiy

A group of married couples reflect on the Sunday readings from the perspective of family life and make some simple suggestions for caring for the family

Be far sighted and stand firm

by Juan Carlos Martos Paredes, cmf

Juan Carlos Martos is a Claretian Missionary with great pastoral experience. In this section he shares with us reflections and comments. “Be far sighted and stand firm”, is an expression that he often uses.

Influencers. Christians to bear in mind

by Carlos Díaz Muñiz, cmf

Carlos Díaz Muñiz,  a Claretian Missionary from Fatima presents for us  each week the life of a Christian – particularly from among those acknowledged as “saints” –  and he offers them to us a models of virtue to imitate.

From the Southern Border

by Jose Antonio Benitez Pineda, cmf

The southern border has been configured as a space outside of the legal system which systematically violates human rights. This space aims to inform, reflect and report, in a way that is close and at the same time rigorous, on a reality that appears silenced for broad sectors of society.

Daily Reflections

by Tomas Mekar Joustefen, cmf

Daily Reflections

by Fr. Abilio Pina Ribeiro, cmf

Father Abilio Pina Ribeiro, an expert in Religious Life, offers us suggestive reflections based on anecdotes, people and biblical passages.

Sharing life

Growing in cordiality

In this section we want to open up a space to enrich each other through the lived experiences in the first person, of reflections born from the heart, of events that can be light for one’s self or for others.

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