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Today, the Church invites us to be messengers of the joy and mercy of the Gospel (MS 15)

We’re going to enter the interior of Jesus Christ…

That was the proposal of Fr. Claret when meditating on the mysteries of the life, passion and death of Jesus. In these days – and beyond the circumstances that we are living through the COVID 19 – we encourage you all to accept his invitation and to enter into the feelings, the attitudes and the […]

Iker Casillas, ambassador this year of “The Claretian Mission”

Since some years ago, the “Claretian Mission Day” has been celebrated in all our Congregation. This year it will be on Sunday, April 19. With this purpose the General Procurator of the Mission of our Congregation, Lord Winner, cmf, has written a letter explaining the different resources that are made available to all for this […]

Celebration of 50 years of priesthood

Frs. Amador Nuñez Vecino and Antonio María Sanjuán Marín have celebrated 50 years of priesthood. In spite of the circumstances caused by the pandemic of the COVID 19 both were able to thank God with the Eucharist this weekend. Fr. Amador did so on Saturday in Seville. Here are a few photos from that day: […]

Extending security in our nursing homes

Our Province of Fatima has two residences for the elderly: in Granada and in Seville (Spain). These days, and given that the elderly are the population most at risk in the coronavirus pandemic, extreme care and precautions are taken in both. Thus, for example, in Granada the facilities have already been disinfected twice, with the […]

Free book of Lectio Divina to prepare us for Holy Week

The Claretian Publications publishing house offers a free download of the book Lectio Divina for Lent, by the Claretian missionary Carlos Martínez Oliveras, Director of the Institute of Religious Life that our Congregation has in Madrid. Here you can read a news item about it. And here you can download it in pdf format. It […]

Greetings from the VIC Claretian Spirituality Centre

During these days of confinement, our missionaries of the CESC (Claretian Spirituality Centre) of the VIC have recorded a greeting to the whole Congregation. They have recorded it from the “Mother House” of the Congregation. They allude to the situation of exile that Father Claret suffered during the last months of his death. And also […]

“Express Lenten Talks” the ECEM proposal in these last days of Lent

We are approaching the Great Week of the Christian. And we do so in a complex and very hard context due to the pandemic by the COVID 19. For both reasons these days should be for us an occasion of special closeness to Jesus, the Lord of Life. At the same time we know that […]

Provincial Government Meetings

Our Provincial Government, in addition to the Provincial Councils already scheduled, is meeting by videoconference every Friday. We pray for them and for their work of animation of the Province in these complex moments. Share on: WhatsApp

Today, prayer with Pope Francis

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Giving encouragement at this time

As evangelizers we cannot fail to live the present moment as an occasion to transmit the Good News. A message that, possibly, in these moments is largely translated into tranquillity, hope, confidence, optimism… joy. That is what the Emmaus Project of the Parish of the Holy Spirit of Granada (Spain) – a project of Proclade […]

Thinking of alternatives this Easter

The circumstances that we are living, force us to think of alternative ways to live the next Holy Week. It is the most important liturgical celebration of the whole year for the Christian. And perhaps now it makes even more sense in the midst of this “Lenten” journey, in which so many people are suffering […]

Our Father at 12:00 (March 25th)

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Death of Bro. Candido Donado Sandin

Brother Cándido Donado Sandín, cmf died yesterday in Granada at the age of 89. Here is the obituary that has been published. We invite you to pray for his eternal rest. Share on: WhatsApp

Bishop Javier Travieso, cmf, positive for coronavirus

The Bishop of San José del Amazonas (Peru), Javier Travieso, cmf, originally from our Province (he was born in Don Benito, Badajoz -Spain- on February 5, 1952) has tested positive for coronavirus. According to various religious media, his condition is good and he presents only mild symptoms but, following the protocol of these times, he […]

United to our elders

In these difficult days due to the crisis of the COVID 19 pandemic, our society is particularly focused on the elderly, who are among the groups most at risk of infection by the virus. In this context, from the Assistance Section of our Theologate in Granada, we receive the feeling of dedication and offering with […]


Father General and the General Council approved and promulgated yesterday, March 19, 2020, Solemnity of St. Joseph, copatron of the Congregation, the new General Plan of Formation, also called as GPF 2020. The new GPF 2020 has two parts: 1) General Aspects and 2) Stages. The plan adopted its contents to the new realities of […]

Rosary with the Pope for the end of the pandemic

Pope Francis has supported the proposal of the Italian Episcopal Conference to pray the Rosary today, March 19, at 9 p.m. These are his words: “I make my own the call of the Italian Bishops who, in this health emergency, have promoted a moment of prayer throughout the country. Every family, every faithful, every religious […]

Empty temples… but full communities

These times – among other things – are being “weird”. Also in the pastoral field. Thus, it is now common to celebrate in our temples with very few people. But, on the other hand, what is happening is strengthening the desire for community, for living fraternity. Let us hope that this “obligatory” opportunity will be […]

“Family Prayer-Conversation” initiative of ECEM for this time

Our Claretian Missionary Evangelization Team (ECEM) has launched the “Family Prayer-Conversation” initiative aimed primarily at the many families who, as a result of the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic, have been confined to their homes and, therefore, spending much more time together than usual. It consists of simple cards that serve as excuses for dialogue and […]

Pastoral initiatives to address the situation caused by the coronavirus COVID 19

Many of the ordinary activities are being greatly disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic, as we all know. So are the pastoral activities of our parishes. Many of them – also following diocesan instructions – have altered their rhythm of Sunday celebrations this past weekend, but they have also launched some alternative initiatives. This is […]

Change of Board of Directors at Proclade Canarias

On March 7th, the Assembly and Board of Directors of Proclade Canarias (Spain) was held. The Board of Directors changed, and the service of the previous Board of Directors was appreciated. Especially Gloria García Déniz and Juan Antonio Núñez Rodríguez, its Vice Presidents. You have more details about all this and more pictures from here. […]

Message from the Provincial Superior on the situation of the COVID 19

“Let us pray to God the Father to increase our faith, help the sick to heal and support health workers in their mission. Let us strive to avoid the stigma of those affected: the illness knows no limits and no skin color; instead, it speaks the same language. Let us cultivate the “wisdom of the […]

An international celebration for an international day

Last Sunday, in the context of International Women’s Day, the Parish of Our Lady of Fatima in Tenerife (Spain) held an “international” meeting with parishioners from various countries. There was a meal where the families brought typical dishes from their countries: Morocco, Colombia, Bolivia… There was also time to watch some short films and have […]

Convivence of Administration and Service Workers in Las Palmas

On Sunday, March 8, in our Claret School of Las Palmas (Spain), a gathering of Administration and Service workers (PAS) was held. There was time for everything, including the celebration of the Eucharist and the shared meal. You can see a few photos of that day here: Share on: WhatsApp

Observing coronavirus evolution

Today, in many parts of the world, there is concern about the effects of coronavirus. In addition to taking human lives, it is affecting the development of many people’s lives. There is great concern about its spread and efforts to contain it as well. On Tuesday Juan José García, cmf, Director of our Colégio Claret […]

Spiritual exercises for lay people

Our Prefect of Formation and Spirituality, Felix J. Martinez Lozano, led a group of lay people in a retreat this weekend. It was in Malaga (Spain) and most of the participants were from the Parish of Carmen and the Lay Claretians Movement. There were also some people from other parish realities and other localities. Share […]

The Coordinating Team of the Claretian Family met in Seville

From February 21 to 23 the Coordinators of the Claretian Family met in Seville. On behalf of the Claretian Missionaries was our General Prefect of Apostolate and member of our Province, Artur Teixeira, cmf. Among the topics discussed was the next Encounter of the Claretian Family, which will be held in 2021 in Brazil. You […]

Diocesan visit to the School in Gokwe (Zimbabwe)

Last Wednesday (March 4), the Diocesan Delegate for Education of the Diocese of Gokwe, Fr Matongo, visited the school of that mission, Saint Claret School. This year he has reached the fifth grade. He met with the management team, the teachers and other workers of the school. He acknowledged the progress made in these few […]

Lenten talks given by lay people at Don Benito (Spain)

Precisely a few days after the Congress of the Laity held in Madrid, the Lenten talks that were given over three days this year in our Parish of San Juan de Don Benito (Badajoz, Spain), were led by three lay people. Each day, one of them spoke about his experience of faith. We thank God […]

Our schools, among the 100 best in Spain

Once again the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” has published the list of the 100 best schools in Spain. Among them, again, appear the three Spanish schools that we have in our province: Las Palmas (which appears in the 28th position and as the second best of all the Canary Islands); Seville (which appears in the […]

A Lent to lean on The Word

It’s Lent. And we know how important this time is to strengthen our following of Jesus and the Gospel. In all our Pastoral Centers we live it intensely. This is the case of our Parish of Carmen in Malaga (Spain). Among the initiatives of this year is the decoration of the stairs of the presbytery. […]

Formation of our ECEM to the staff of our nursing homes

Our Claretian Missionary Evangelization Team (ECEM) has begun to offer a formation to the personnel of our Elderly Homes, in Granada and Seville. Besides, today (March 4) they also have an encounter with the Management Teams of both residences, in Loja (Granada). Here you have some pictures of the training in Granada (yesterday, day 3): […]

Encounter of Claretian Students of Europe

The Encounter of Claretian Students of Europe took place from February 28 to March 1. It has been in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid). Thirty-one students who study in the formation centres of Colmenar Viejo and Granada participated. Together with them, formators, members of the formation teams, prefects of formation, etc. also attended. In total 38 Claretians […]

“The Forge” in Family for the 70 years and more

Last week a new edition of “The Forge” – Claretian renewal process – was launched for Claretian missionaries of 70 years and more. In addition, on this occasion people from from other institutes of the Claretian family are also participating. From our Province Frs. José Augusto Correia de Oliveira, Ângelo Francisco Ferreira de Almeida and […]

25th Anniversary of the Parish Brotherhood of Don Benito (Spain)

On the 15th of this month, a Thanksgiving Eucharist was celebrated for the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Parish Brotherhood of our Parish of St. John the Baptist of Don Benito (Spain). During the Eucharist the members of the first Governing Board of the Parish Brotherhood were honored. Here you have some photos: […]

Next Youth meeting organized by our YVM Team

Our Vocational Youth Ministry Team (VYM) is organizing a meeting of young people over 18 years old on the weekend of March 13-15 in Loja (Spain). The theme will be “Live what you believe, announce what you live”. In addition to the members of the Team, Manuel Ogalla, cmf, a missionary in Zimbabwe but currently […]

Lent begins… with the Lord’s Easter horizon

Today, Ash Wednesday, begins the preparation for our “big week” as Christians. On the horizon we are already looking at the feast of Easter, with the desire to renew everything that means that Jesus Christ has conquered death, all deaths. At this time, among other things, we are invited to keep very much in mind […]

Parish Pastoral Council in Don Benito (Spain)

On Saturday (February 22) the Pastoral Council of our Parish San Juan (Don Benito, Spain) was held. It was in the framework of a convivence and there was time to evaluate the progress of the Parish, to celebrate together the Eucharist and a time of adoration, to share fraternity. Pedro Cabrera, cmf, coordinator of the […]

Meeting of Prefects of Spirituality of Europe

From February 20 to 22 in Los Negrales (Madrid) an encounter of the Prefects of Spirituality of the 5 Claretian Provinces of Europe was held. Frs. Gonzalo Fernández (General Prefect of Spirituality), Renato Caprioli (Sanctus Paulus), Robert Pirka (Poland), José Ramón Sanz (Santiago), Georg Hopf (Germany) and Félix J. Martínez (Fátima) attended the meeting. The […]

Quinary in Los Palacios (Seville, Spain)

With the approach of Lent, the devotional services in Brotherhoods and Confraternities begin. This is the case of the quinary held in Los Palacios (Seville, Spain) in the Brotherhood of the Great Power, which is presided over by our Provincial Econome, Manuel R. Segura Giráldez, cmf. We present to God this and all the other […]

Solidarity Week in Tangier

Our students of the Claret Don Benito School, celebrated last week (from the 9th to the 15th of February) the already traditional Solidarity Week in Tangier (Morocco). They were accompanied by our missionaries José Antonio Álvarez Cabero and José Antonio Carrasco Ríos. Share on: WhatsApp

Two contests in our Parish Ntra. Sra. de Fátima in Tenerife (Spain)

In these days, our Parish Nuestra Señora de Fátima of Tenerife (Spain) is celebrating two contests: one called “In the light of love”, whose objective is to renew the crystals of the Parish, and the other the “Contest of Masks” in the context of the Carnival celebration that has so much incidence in the island. […]

Lenten Materials on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Since Proclade International, Lenten material has been disseminated consisting of a prayer for each day around the Objectives of Sustainable Development (ODS). They are written with our lay people in mind – students, parishioners, educators, … -but they are also valid for our Claretian missionary communities. You can download it (there are two formats: with […]

Brotherhood Week in Moriles (Córdoba)

This week the Claretian Missionary Evangelization Team (ECEM) is carrying out a Cofrade Missionary Week in Moriles (Córdoba). Here you have a photo of the School of Prayer: And another of the activity they call “Coffee with the Virgin”: Share on: WhatsApp

They ask for the name of a street for Blessed Jose Ignacio Gordon

Last week, a media outlet in Jeréz de la Frontera (Cádiz, Spain) encouraged the authorities of that city to name a street after Blessed Claretian Martyr José Ignacio Gordon. This is one of the 109 martyrs who were beatified on October 21, 2017 in Barcelona. He was originally from that Andalusian city. Here you can […]

Working on the pastoral care of couples in Malaga (Spain)

In our parishes they devote a lot of effort to taking care of the family and, particularly, the marriage ministry. This is the case of our Parish of El Carmen in Malaga (Spain). There, on the one hand, last Wednesday the Project of Married Love was presented. Many couples attended: On the other hand, this […]

Grandparents’ Meetings in the Heart of Mary in Las Palmas (Spain)

In our Heart of Mary Parish, in addition to the launch of the United Hands Campaign, the Grandparents’ Meeting was held this weekend. An opportunity to recognize the importance of grandparents in the transmission of faith today. Here are some photos: Share on:

Launch of the Manos Unidas Campaign in Las Palmas

This month the United Hands Against Hunger Campaign is taking place in Spain. In the Diocese of Las Palmas, the beginning of the campaign was in our Heart of Mary Parish. It was organized by “Claret Joven” and the Bishop, D. Francisco Cases Andreu, participated. Here you have some photos of the event: Share on: […]

Meeting of our Provincial Government

From Monday 3 to Saturday 8 the Provincial Council was held in Loja (Granada, Spain). In it, the Provincial Government – with our Fr. Provincial, Carlos Candeias, at the head – has taken further steps to organize the life and mission of the Province of Fatima after the Chapter held at the beginning of the […]

Strengthening the friendship of some “Humahuaca veterans”

An important part of our Province had a strong relationship with the Mission of Humahuaca (Argentina). Many missionaries have spent a long period of their lives there. Well, last January 30th, three of them (who are currently carrying out their mission in positions that are not in our Province) met. It was in Leon (Spain). […]

Valencia del Ventoso (Spain) patron saint festival

Last Monday (February 3rd) was San Blas. In Valencia del Ventoso (Badajoz, Spain) they are patron saint celebrations. On this occasion, various events were celebrated, among them a Eucharist and a procession, presided over by José Ángel Ayala Serna, one of our missionaries serving that locality. Here are a couple of videos: And also some photos: […]

Presentation of the newly baptized in Malaga (Spain)

Last Sunday, in the context of the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, in our Parish of El Carmen in Malaga (Spain), the presentation to the Virgin of the children baptized in the last year was celebrated. Here are some photos: Share on: WhatsApp

Our missionary Manuel Ogalla, news in several newspapers

Manuel Ogalla, a missionary from the Province of Fatima currently in Zimbabwe, is spending his holidays in Spain. On this occasion several media have wanted to interview him. Here are a couple of links: ABC Newspaper Andalusia Information Cádiz Newspaper We also leave you an interview in the local television of Cádiz: We take this […]

Cardinal Aquilino Bocos, cmf at our Temple in Cordoba (Spain)

During these days, the quinary to the Christ of the Expiration was celebrated in the Church of San Pablo in Cordoba (Spain). For its closing it has counted with the Cardinal Aquilino Bocos, cmf, who has been accompanied by the Superior of the Community, Manuel Carrasco, cmf. Share on: WhatsApp

Today is the World Day of Consecrated Life

From here you can see the words that the Pope has addressed yesterday on the occasion of this celebration Share on: WhatsApp

Celebration of the Claretian Martyrs

Since last year, February 1 -the day of the commemoration of the attack against Fr. Claret, in Holguin, Cuba- is the day to celebrate the Memory of all the Martyrs of our Congregation. In total 184. Our Fr. General, Mathew Vattamattan cmf has written a letter for the occasion that you can read from here. […]

It’s been 18 years since we arrived in Zimbabwe

On 29 January 2002 our first three missionaries arrived in Zimbabwe: Fr. Amador Nuñez Vecino, Fr. Luis Mª Guerrero Serón and Fr. Antonio Llamas Forte. It is now eighteen years since the missionaries arrived in that country. We thank God for this and ask him to continue to bless and care for our work. Share […]

Retreat of confirmation in Buckden (England) for young people

Last weekend (January 24-26) 40 young confirmation candidates participated in a spiritual retreat in Buckden, as part of the preparation for receiving the sacrament. Share on: WhatsApp

Beginning of the Jubilee Year in America

Our Congregation is 150 years old since the arrival of the first missionaries in America (January 21, 1870). A Jubilee Year has begun on this occasion. The religious press has echoed this, as you can see here. Share on: WhatsApp

Death of Fr. Belchior de Matos Cardoso

January 28, Father Belchior de Matos Cardoso died in Carvalhos (Portugal). We attach here a note with the most significant data of his life. Let us pray for this brother who has left us so that the Lord may grant him the joy of eternal life. Share on: WhatsApp

Missionary Childhood in our Claret School of Seville (Spain)

Last Sunday was the Day of the Missionary Childhood, of the Pontifical Mission Societies. In the Diocese of Seville (Spain) the main event was held in the sports centre of our Claret School. Around 500 children gathered there. The Lampedusa Cross, which is in the school these days, was also present. The celebration was directed […]

Group of walkers “St. Claret” in Hayes

In our Parish of Hayes there is a group of walkers called “Saint Claret”. Every week they walk two miles to end with a prayer in front of the Founder´statue. Here are some photos of one of these routes: Share on: WhatsApp

Call for Summer Missionary Experiences from Proclade Betica

Proclade Betica has already launched the call for missionary experiences for next summer. On this occasion they will be in: Dominican Republic, Zimbabwe, Tangier and Nijar (Almeria, Spain). From the web page of our ONGD you have all the information about it. We invite you to spread it among people who might be interested. Share […]

The Lerchundi Home (Tangier) made 25 years

Last week the Lerchundi Home in Tangier (Morocco) celebrated its 25th anniversary. This is a project of the Catholic Church run by Proclade Betica, which has already provided care and support to hundreds of children and families in that Moroccan city. We thank God for all those who have made this possible. Share on: WhatsApp

Claretian Spirituality Congress

Coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the arrival of our Congregation in America, a Congress of Claretian Spirituality is being held in Chile. The encounter will last until this Saturday (January 25) and our Fr. Provincial, Carlos Candeias, is participating in it. Here you can follow everything related to the congress. Share on: WhatsApp

Ecumenical celebration in Granada (Spain)

In this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, ecumenical celebrations are held in several of our positions. This is the case of our Parish of the Holy Spirit (Granada, Spain). Last Monday, at 7 p.m., there was a ceremony with the presence of Eva, pastor of the Spanish Evangelical Church in Granada. Share on: WhatsApp

Final message of our Father General to the Superiors

Our Fr. General, Mathew Vattamattan, has addressed a final message on the occasion of the Meeting of the General Government with the Major Superiors held in Chile, thinking especially about the preparation of the next General Chapter. You can read it here. Share on: WhatsApp

Fundraising to fix the house in Almendralejo (Spain)

Our house in Almendralejo (Spain) is in need of some repairs. For this purpose, fundraising events are being organized there. The local press has published a news item about all this, which you can read here. Share on: WhatsApp

Meeting of the Major Superiors of our Congregation

From January 13 to the present (January 20) the meeting of the General Government with the Major Superiors of our Congregation has been held in Talagante, Chile. Our Father Provincial, Fr. Carlos A. Candeias Do Nascimento, is participating in it. Fr. Mathew Vattamattan, presided over the meeting. The meeting has prepared the XXVI General Chapter […]

Our Provincial Government: Fr. Félix J. Martínez Lozano (Prefect of Spirituality and Formation)

Our Prefect of Spirituality and Formation is Felix J. Martinez Lozano. He was born in Ayamonte (Huelva, Spain) in 1966. He made his first profession in the Congregation in 1986. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1992. We invite you to pray for him today and his service to the Province for the next […]

Our Provincial Government: Fr. João Luis Escaleira Alves (Prefect of YVM)

Our YVM Prefect is João Luis Escaleira Alves. He was born in Soyaux (Angouleme, France) in 1968. He made his first profession in the Congregation in 1988. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1995. We invite you to pray for him today and his service to the Province for the next 6 years. Share […]

Our Provincial Government: Fr. Jorge R. Sánchez Palacios (Prefect of Apostolate)

Our Prefect of Apostolate is Jorge R. Sánchez Palacios He was born in Almendralejo (Spain) in 1977. He made his first profession in the Congregation in 1997. He was ordained to the priesthood in 2004. We invite you to pray for him today and his service to the Province for the next 6 years. Share […]

Our Provincial Government: Fr. Manuel R. Segura Giraldez (Prefect of Economy)

Our Prefect of Economy is Manuel R. Segura Giráldez. He was born in Seville (Spain) in 1959. He made his first profession in the Congregation in 1979. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1984. We invite you to pray for him today and his service to the Province for the next six years. Share […]

Our Provincial Government: Fr. Carlos A. Candeias Do Nascimiento (Fr. Provincial)

Our Father Provincial is Carlos Alberto Candeias Do Nascimento. He was born in Nazare (Luanda, Angola) in 1968. He made his first profession in the Congregation in 1987. He was ordained priest in 1994. We invite you to pray for him today and his service to the Province for the next 6 years. Share on: […]

Christmas events in Córdoba (Spain)

As we have already reported in other news on this page, the Parishes of Córdoba had a very busy year end of the year. Among other things on December 21 they had a solidarity meal of Proclade. Here are some pictures: And on December 22 they celebrated the tribute meal to the elders of the […]

Vocation Camp in Zimbabwe

The penultimate week of December, a Vocation meeting was held at Claret House (Harare). It was animated by the Vocation Team of Zimbabwe: Antonio, Anil and Manuel. The postulants, George and Wesley, also helped. Fourteen young people from Zhomba Mission, Ruwa Parishes and other areas of Zimbabwe participated. Here are some photos from those days: […]

Proclade Almendralejo (Spain) was also in the news

We continue to echo news related to our communities this past Christmas. On December 20, Proclade Bética of Almendralejo (Spain) held a Christmas caroling contest in the local theatre. It was published in the local press. You can see the news here. The money collected was destined to a promotion project in Cameroon. Share on: […]

Death of Bro. José Laínez Gavira, cmf

Today, in Granada, Br. José Laínez Gavira, cmf, passed away. Brother Laíez was born on December 24, 1930 in Los Palacios (Seville, Spain), made his first profession in the Congregation on December 8, 1960 and his perpetual profession on December 8, 1966. We pray for his eternal rest. Share on: WhatsApp

Two Claretians of our Province in news at the end of 2019

The year just ended has left us with two news items related to two missionaries of our Province. On the one hand, Monsignor Pedro Olmedo Rivero. After 25 years, he is no longer the Bishop of the Prelature of Humahuaca (Argentina). You can see the news here. On the other hand, Manuel Arroba Conde. He […]

Our parishes in Cordoba (Spain) make Christmas happy

Our Parishes of St. Anthony Mary Claret and Heart of Mary of Cordoba (Spain) are living Christmas with great joy. Even the local press has written about their activities in a news item (you can see the news from here). Here we leave you photos of some of the activities that they have carried out: […]

The “Claretian Year” begins

Coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the death of our founder (October 24, 1870), our Congregation has launched the “Claretian Year” in this 2020. It is an occasion to get closer to Fr. Claret again, to rediscover the richness of his life and mission and to take up again the momentum in the updating of […]

A year full of activities for the ECEM

2019 ends, a year rich in missionary activities in our communities and pastoral platforms. This is the case of the Claretian Team of Missionary evangelization (ECEM).  This same month of December has been full of actions. Among others they have had: Advent retreats to parishes that are in Mission, like that of Los Dolores of […]

P. Carlos Candeias, new Fr. Provincial of Fatima for the next 6 years

The First Chapter of the Province of Fatima has elected Fr. Carlos Candeias as the new Provincial Superior. Fr. Carlos made his first profession in the Congregation in 1987 and received holy orders in 1994. Since the birth of the new Province of Fatima, on 1 January 2019, the General Government entrusted him with the […]

Intense weeks in Malaga (Spain)

Our Parish of El Carmen in Malaga has had a very intense few weeks. On Saturday the 15th the “Groups of Jesus” held an Advent retreat. Here you have a photo: On the other hand, the week before Christmas, catechism children made a Living Nativity: Also, from the 22nd to the 25th they had the […]

Our First Provincial Chapter begins

Today begins our First Provincial Chapter. It will take place in our house at the Sanctuary of Fatima. It will last until January 3rd. In it, our new Provincial Government will be elected. It will also decide the main lines of missionary action of our Province. You can follow everything related to the Chapter from […]

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land from Leyton

The last week around 20 parishioners from Leyton got back home after a wonderful pilgrimage to Holy Land. Fr Gerry, cmf was in charge of the group. Share on: WhatsApp

Merry Christmas from our Father Provincial

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Christmas Festival at our Parish in Hayes

A nativity concert in our parish church of Hayes took place on Tuesday 17th December. A dizen if Christmas sings brought happiness to over a thousand people who attended this event. Share on: WhatsApp

A lot of life in our Granada (Spain) senior section

From the section for the elderly in the Community of Granada (Spain) they have sent us some photos of the activities they do: drawing and painting, dart-throwing… and, of course, the celebration of the Eucharist (in the photo, a snapshot of the one they celebrate on Saturdays with the students of the Theologate): Share on: […]

Farewell to La Quiaca de Jesús Olmedo

Jesús Olmedo, a Claretian born in Seville, returns to Spain after spending several decades in the Humahuaca Mission. Last Sunday he celebrated a farewell Eucharist in La Quiaca.  Share on: WhatsApp

“Star”, a live donky for the Christimas Mass in Buckden

A a live donky called “Star” has been booked to bring happiness and excitement to the children Christmas Mass in Buckden. Share on: WhatsApp

Convivence of the Alpha groups in Cordoba (Spain)

This weekend the Alpha group that started this course in our parish Corazón de María de Córdoba (Spain), celebrated a conviviality in the Emmaus house of the Diocese. (“Alpha” is a proposal for an itinerary to get closer to the faith that began a few years ago and is spreading to many parishes in Spain […]

Visit to Christmas births with children in Córdoba (Spain)

The children of our Parishes of St. Anthony Mary Claret and Heart of Mary of Cordoba (Spain), visited last Wednesday some Christmas nativity scenes in Cordoba. It was a beautiful day of meeting and living together. Here you have some photos: Share on: WhatsApp

The 24th edition of “La Fragua” ends with the participation of missionaries from our Province

Saturday saw the end of the 24th edition of La Fragua, the course of renewal and updating of our Congregation. In addition to Fr. Juan Carlos Martos, who is the Director, of our Province participated Fr. Félix Clement. On the last day they had a Eucharist. Our Father General, Mathew Vattamattan, was there. Here you […]

Confirmations in Zhomba (Zimbabwe)

On November 30th, the Sacrament of Confirmation was celebrated at Sain Anthony Church in Zhomba (Zimbabwe). The confirmands received the sacrament from the Bishop of Gokwe, Rudolf Nyandoro. Previously they spent the whole weekend of preparation with their catechists. Here you have some photos of the celebration and a video:   Share on: WhatsApp

Vigil of the Immaculate Conception in Don Benito (Spain)

On the occasion of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the Vigil of Pray was previously celebrated in many of our Parishes. This is the case of the Parish of San Juan de Don Benito (Badajoz, Spain). They sent us a photo of how the presbytery was decorated that day with symbols that were used […]

Assembly of the organization “Solidarity with South Sudan”, chaired by Paul Smyth, cmf

Our missionary Paul Smith is the President of the organization “Solidarity with South Sudan” that brings together religious institutes to collaborate with that country. A few days ago they had their General Assembly in Rome. You can know more on the Vatican’s information website. Share on: WhatsApp

Solidarity adornments in our Parish of Fátima of Tenerife (Spain)

Our Parish of Fátima of Tenerife (Spain) is selling Christmas decorations to raise funds to help families in need. Here you have some pictures of those beautiful decorations: Share on: WhatsApp

Provincial Council in Fatima (Portugal)

Last week, our Provincial Government met in Fatima. The Council focused especially on the preparation of our first Provincial Chapter. In addition, Cardinal António Augusto dos Santos Marto, Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, accompanied them at lunch on the 4th. Share on: WhatsApp

Solar installation in the Administration Block of St. Vincent Primary School

Thanks to the colaboration and sacrifice of several Parishes, Claretian Schools and anonimus persons from the Province of Fatima, we could finished the Solar installation in the Administration Block, including computer room of St. Vincent Primary School. Fr. Shylan Sebamalai, cmf has been the person in charge of running this project in the name of […]

 Meeting between Proclade Bética and Proclade-Manos Joven

On November 24, a meeting was held in Seville (Spain) between Proclade Bética and Proclade-Manos Joven. In the meeting the Project “If the world were an iceberg” was presented Today, International Volunteer Day, we thank all the volunteers of our NGO. Share on: WhatsApp

Prayer for our I Provincial Chapter

At the end of this month the first Chapter of the Province of Fatima will be celebrated. Its motto will be “With Mary We are Missionaries”. For this occasion a prayer has been prepared with which we invite you to pray for it to be a time of the Holy Spirit.   Share on: WhatsApp

Advent Retreat in Malaga (Spain)

Last Saturday, November 30, the Parroquia of Carmen of Málaga (Spain9 celebrated an Advent preparation retreat. It was titled: “What if it takes place here?” Share on: WhatsApp

Celebration of Saint Andrew of the Polish community

The polish community established on Hayes and Hillingdon meet to celebrate at Andrew’s day.  In the picture Kasha and Magdalena, main responsibles in organising this event. Share on: WhatsApp

Memory of Proclade Canarias (Spain) 2018

Our NGO-D Proclade Canarias has presented its 2018 Annual Report of activities and projects. You can see on their website: https://www.proclade-canarias.es/memoria-2018/ Share on: WhatsApp

Yoga group in our Hayes Parish

The yoga group has started to meet last 20th november in our Hayes Parish. This is an activity which we intend to do in a regular basis. It’s open to any parishioners who might benefit from this kind of physical and spiritual activity Share on: WhatsApp

Pastoral Council in El Pilar de Tenerife (Spain)

On the 19th, the Pastoral Council of the Pilar de Santa Cruz de Tenerife Parish (Spain) met. In it the actions of the Claretian Missionary October were evaluated. And Advent was scheduled Share on: WhatsApp

Students of our Colégio Internato Dos Carvalhos at the National Hostelry Meeting

On November 16, the Heritage and Tourism course of our Colégio Internato Dos Carvalhos (Portugal) participated in the II National Meeting of Outdoor Hostelry: “A tourism option for everyone”, which took place at the Venezuelan Center Luso in Nogueira da Regedoura (Portugal). Share on: WhatsApp

100 hampers in Buckden

SVP Annual Christmas Hamper of Buckden appeal has been lunched. Thus year they want to provide food items to make up 100 hampers for the needy of our area. Share on: WhatsApp

Organizing the Christimas activities in Hayes

The first holy communion catechists met in Wednesday 20 November to organise the coming Christmas activities. Share on: WhatsApp

Our EPJV in Don Benito (Spain)

Our Vocational Youth Ministry Team (EPJV) continues its activities in different parts of the province. A few days ago it was in Don Benito (Badajoz), sharing meetings with the youth of catechesis. They met with 150 young people. Share on: WhatsApp

II Provincial Pedagogical Meeting of our Schools

From November 11 to 13, the II Provincial Pedagogical Meeting was held in Seville. Members of our schools in Spain (Badajoz, Sevilla and Las Palmas de GC) participated. It was about attention to diversity. Share on: WhatsApp

Parish Missions in Olivenza and Torremejía (Spain)

Our Claretian Missionary Evangelization Team (ECEM) is celebrating two Parish Missions at this time. One in Olivenza and one in Torremejía, both towns of Badajoz (Spain). Here is a video of Olivenza’s: And here some photos of Torremejía:   Share on: WhatsApp

Held the III Day of the Poor

With the motto “The hope of the poor shall not perish for ever”, yesterday (Sunday XXXIII of Ordinary Time) the third World Day of the Poor was celebrated, which was established in 2017 by Pope Francis. From our Province and all our parishes we have joined this celebration and we pray to God for the […]

Cessation of Pedro Olmedo, cmf as Bishop of Humahuaca (Argentina)

As we had already announced some time ago, the Prelature of Humahuaca (Argentina) – with which our Province of Fatima has strong ties – has a new Apostolic Administrator.  Yesterday, November 13, Felix Paredes Cruz took possession as Bishop in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Candelaria, succeeding the Claretian missionary -originarian of the Province […]

Advent Solidarity Market in Seville (Spain)

From November 23 to December 1, the Cáritas of the Parish San Antonio María Claret of Seville (Spain) organizes a Solidarity Market. The proceeds will be to help people and families in need around the Parish. Here you can see a video that they have prepared to spread the initiative: Share on: WhatsApp

Spiritual Exercises for Young People in Loja (Spain)

From November 1 to 3 the Vocational Youth Ministry Team (EPJV) directed the Spiritual Exercises for young people in Loja. They have already planned another one in December, in the same place. Share on: WhatsApp

Meeting “Putting a face to poverty” in Tenerife (Spain)

Last Saturday, November 9, our Pilar of Santa Cruz of Tenerife Parish (Spain) organized a meeting on the homeless. It was attended by a participant of the Coffee and Heat Project of said institution, accompanied by an educator and a volunteer from the Parish Caritas Team. The motto that this year has had the Homeless […]

Meeting of the Provincial Government

From November 7 to 9 our Provincial Council met in Lisbon. Among the topics addressed is everything related to the next Provincial Chapter. Here you have a photo of the meeting (made by our Provincial Father): Share on: WhatsApp

Zimbabwe’s Karikoga Project receives help from Cáritas Málaga (Spain)

Joaquín Béjar, cmf, is the Person in Charge of the Karikoga Project that our missionaries carry in Zimbabwe. The goal is to school orphaned children. These days he has visited the Cáritas Diocesana de Málaga (Spain) headquarters, which has decided to collaborate annually with € 15,000 for the Project. You can read the news in […]

New Museum and Chape Claret in Rome

On October 24, the feast of San Antonio María Claret, our founder, the new Museum and Chapel Claret was inaugurated in our General Curia in Rome. They have prepared a video to give us an idea of how it is. Here it is: Share on: WhatsApp

Samuel Abelaira: new aspirant to our Congregation

Samuel is a young man who has recently begun his vocational discernment with us. Share these words with us: “Hello everyone!! My name is Samuel Abelaira, I’m from Malaga (Spain) and I’m 17 years old. I have been living as an aspirant for the congregation of Claretian Missionaries for almost two months now. I carry […]

Formation in Almendralejo on evangelizing in the Digital Continent

Our Almendralejo Mission House organized last Saturday, November 2, a meeting to reflect and train in the presence on the Internet as a pastoral and evangelization field. Share on: WhatsApp

“Rosary of Souls” In Malaga (Spain)

Last Saturday, November 2, on the day of All the Faithful Departed, our Parish of Carmen of Malaga celebrated a Rosary of Souls inside the temple with the image of the Virgin of Carmen. Here are some pictures: Share on: WhatsApp

 Manuel Arroba, appointed Dean of the Pontifical Theological Institute Juan Pablo II of Madrid

The missionary of our Province, Manuel Arroba Conde – currently resident in Rome – has been appointed Dean of the Madrid section of the Pontifical Theological Institute John Paul II for Marriage and Family. Here you can see more of this appointment. We leave here the photo of the Appointment Document by Cardinal Osoro: And […]

The Extraordinary Mission Month ends

Today we end the month of October. In it we have celebrated the “Extraordinary Missionary Month” promoted by Pope Francis. We present to God all the activities and initiatives that have been carried out in our pastoral centers. Share on: WhatsApp

Missionary procession with Claret in Granada (Spain)

On Friday 25, the day after the Feast of our Founder, the neighborhood of Granada (Spain) where our Parish is located, he lived the 2nd Missionary Procession with Claret. This year with the motto “Celebrate Missionary Claret”. It was a party afternoon with a large presence of children, youth and adults from our surroundings. Here […]

Our Provincial Father in Don Benito (Spain)

Father Carlos Candeias, cmf, our Provincial Father, has visited the community of Don Benito (Spain). From that community, the Parish of San Juan and the Claret College of the locality are served pastorally, as well as other parishes in nearby towns. Here is a photo of the Eucharist that Father Provincial presided at the Parish […]

Participation in the “Fair of faith” of Jaén (Spain)

On Saturday, October 19, the “Fair of Faith” was held in Jaén (Spain). It was the closing of the Diocesan Mission that has been celebrated there throughout this year. Our Claretian Missionary Evangelization Team had a stand there to present the Parish Mission. Here are some pictures of that day: Share on: WhatsApp

Renovations in Granada (Spain)

On October 24, the feast of St. Anthony Mary Claret, 7 Claretian students of our Theologian of Granada have renewed their temporary vows. Specifically they have been: Adão da Costa, José Manuel Mena, Nyasha Choga, Tiago Emanuel Afonso and Vítor Emanuel Magalhães of the Province of Portugal; Naing Lin and Wigbert Pope of the Province […]

Publication of the magazine “The Claretian Mission 2019”

In the context of the feast of our Founder, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, the annual magazine “The Claretian Mission 2019” is published. In this case it revolves around 30 words that summarize much of our charism. You can download the Spanish or English version from the page of the Congregation, by clicking here. Share on: […]

Happy Feast of St. Anthony Mary Claret

Share on: WhatsApp

“PROCURA-Missões Claretianas” of Portugal began the pastoral year

PROCURA – Claretian Missions of Portugal has begun its pastoral year 2019-20 this month of October in the Delegations of Carvalhos, Lisbon, Agualva-Cacém and Tondela. More than 40 volunteers from all over the country were involved. One more year of mission, one more year of all of us. Share on: WhatsApp

“I dream of a Community that …”

Last Saturday, the Heart of Mary and San Antonio María Claret (parishes of Córdoba, Spain) had a convivence. The title of the day was: “I dream of a community that …”. We ask God to bless all the parishes of our Province of Fatima. Here are some pictures of the day: Share on: WhatsApp

100 years of Claretian presence in Bolivia

This year (2019) is celebrating the 100 years of presence of our Congregation in Bolivia. A group of missionaries from our Province has had a special relationship with that country, through the mission we had many years in Humahuaca (Argentina). Share on: WhatsApp

Testimony in Seville of encounter with God

On Wednesday 16, in our San Antonio María Claret Parish in Seville, more than 100 people heard the testimony of conversion of Isabel Martínez, a woman from Madrid who met the Lord on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. It was an impressive communication about the power of God. Share on: WhatsApp

More than 950 GBP collected in Almendralejo (Spain) for a project in Congo

On this day (October 17, International Day for the fight against poverty and social exclusion) we remember all the initiatives in favor of the most needy in the world. On October 5, in Almendralejo (Spain), the “Talent Show” of young people was held. The money raised (950 GBP) was for the benefit of our NGO-D […]

Pastoral Agents Mission Celebration in Las Palmas (Spain)

In many of our parishes in October, the sending of Pastoral Agents is held. This has been the case in the Heart of María de Las Palmas de GC (Spain). It was Sunday, the 6th. Also, there they are recording videos with testimonies of people from the Parish who share what faith is for them. […]

Patron celebrations in Tenerife (Spain)

On Saturday (October 12), Our Lady of Pilar Parish of Santa Cruz de Tenerife celebrated its festivities. Among other things, a missionary meal was organized to raise funds for Proclade Canarias. Share on: WhatsApp

Safeguarding Training in Hayes

On Saturday, Octobre 5, 71 people attended the safeguarding training held at Hayes.   Share on: WhatsApp

Provincial Government Meeting

This week the Provincial Council of Fatima has met in Lisbon (Portugal). Among other things, they have addressed the preparation of the next Provincial Chapter. We pray for the fruit of their work and their service to the rest of the Province. Share on: WhatsApp

The Emmaus Project (Granada, Spain) has more than 30 children this year

The Emmaus Project is a missionary project that has the Parish of the Holy Spirit on the “periphery” of its territory. In the neighborhood “Casería del Cerro” (Granada, Spain). It works -especially- the socio-educational attention of children. Currently accompanies more than 30 children. For this, the collaboration of many volunteers is essential. Here are some […]

Solidarity Market in the Parish of Fatima of Tenerife (Spain)

Our Parish of Our Lady of Fatima of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain) organizes a solidarity market next Saturday, October 12. All proceeds will go to help needy families in the neighborhood that are already served in the Parish.   Share on: WhatsApp

Creating a Chess Team at the College of Seville

Our Claret School in Seville has signed an agreement with the Betis Football Club to create a chess school with children from 5 to 17 years old. The objective is to start them in the practice of chess and compete in the different provincial and regional championships. Share on: WhatsApp

The Precapitular Commission begins to meet

The Precapitular Commission, formed by missionaries Joseph Raju, Antonio Ávila, Vitor Pinto and Fermín Rodríguez, met on last Monday andTuesday and is already working with the different contributions of the province to make a synthesis. We pray for your work. Share on: WhatsApp

Formation of catechist evangelists

Our Claretian Missionary Evangelization Team has among its fields of activity the formation of evangelizing agents. Among them the catechists. They are given training itineraries to qualify their action from a missionary perspective. They are currently carrying out these processes in the Parish of Corpus Christi in Malaga (Spain) and all the Roquetas de Mar […]

Movie about the life of Fr. Claret co-produced by our Congregation

The film producer “Contracorriente Produciones” is shooting a film about Claret, co-produced by the Claretian Missionaries and financed by the Congregation. Part of that funding is being done through a crowdfunding campaign. You have more information from here. Share on: WhatsApp

Pastoral Council in the Parroquia del Carmen de Málaga (Spain)

On September 24, the Pastoral Council of the Parish of Malaga (Spain) met. With him the pastoral activities of the whole course begin. Here are some pictures: Share on: WhatsApp

Thanks from Fr. Provincial

After the Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Fatima this past weekend, our Provincial Father has recorded a small message of thanks. You can see it here: Message: Thanks to everyone for participating, we had a beautiful experience on the Fatima pilgrimage. Thanks in a special way to all those who with their commitment have allowed […]

International day in Leyton

International day was celebrated in our parish of Leyton It was nice to see people from different backgrounds, cultures, traditions enjoying the day. All the parishian give thanks be to God for the UNITY in DIVERSITY that they enjoy at the parish. Here you are some photos: And one video: Share on: WhatsApp

Today begins the Claretian / Extraordinary Missionary October

As every year, the month of October acquires a special relevance for us, Claretian Missionaries. It is the missionary month par excellence. In addition, this year coincides with the Extraordinary Missionary Month that Pope Francis has convened for the entire Church. From here you can download all the materials we have prepared for this year […]

Inaugural speech at the Faculty of Theology of Granada

Fermín Fco. Rodríguez López, a Claretian missionary currently residing in our community of Granada, was invited to give the Inaugural Address of the Jesuit School of Theology, where he teaches. The title was: “Interculturality. Opportunity for the Ecclesiology of Communion and Theological Method”. Share on: WhatsApp

Fatima fills with Claretian life

The Sanctuary of Fatima (Portugal) has welcomed this weekend the pilgrimage of our Province under the motto “With Mary, we are missionaries.” Around 900 people have attended from all our pastoral platforms. Together they have shared prayers, Eucharist, walks … even a musical show Here you have some photos: And here you have a video […]

The Provincial Pilgrimage to Fatima begins

This afternoon begins the Provincial Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Fatima (Portugal). It will be an intense weekend of meeting and celebration to grow in fraternity among all pastoral platforms of the Province of Fatima. Among the planned events is a musical theater with the title of the pilgrimage: “With Mary, we are missionaries.” We […]

 Meeting with the Delegations of Betica Proclade

On the 19th, Gabriel Ponce, cmf, Secretary of Proclade Bética, and Inmaculada Mercado, Director, met with members of the Delegation of Granada (Spain). Share on: WhatsApp

The First Holy communion programma started in Hayes

The First holy communion programme for this year has started with great joy and enthusiasm. 125 children are preparing to receive the body and blood of Christ for the first time.   Share on: WhatsApp

Three Claretians from our Province in the Synod of the Amazon

Three Claretian missionaries from our Province will participate in the Synod on the Amazon to be held throughout the month of October in Rome: Monsignor José Javier Travieso Martín, cmf, Bishop in Peru; José María Hernández Martínez, cmf as an expert; and Manuel J. Arroba Conde, cmf as a consultant. We pray for the fruit […]

Visit of our missionaries in Zimbabwe

Missionaries in our Province who live in Zimbabwe usually visit us every two years. At that time they visit our pastoral centers to share their experience, and to thank everyone’s collaboration in the support of the mission, in particular through Proclade Bética and Proclade Canarias. This is the case of Joaquín Béjar Alvarado and Álvaro […]

This year our schools want to “Grow with Claret”

“Grow with Claret” is the motto chosen by the Schools of our Province for the next three years. The decision was taken at the Sector meeting last July. It is a clear commitment to discover the contribution made by the Claretian charism in the maturation and development of our students Share on: WhatsApp

Visitor Course in Torremejía (Spain)

These days, ECEM is conducting the Visitors’ Course with the agents of the Parish of Torremejía, a municipality of 2300 inhabitants of the Province of Badajoz. The Visitors Workshop is inserted within the first stage of the process towards the Parish Mission. In it the live forces of the Parish are trained to live in […]

Vocational Convivence in Zhomba (Zimbabwe)

A few days ago, our missionaries in Zhomba Mission (Zimbabwe) organized a small vocational convivence for children. It was a weekend. Ten boys between 1 and 4 high school courses participated. Something simple, but where God can germinate the miracle of missionary vocation. We pray for all of them. Share on: WhatsApp

A “Talent Show” in Almendralejo (Spain)

The Delegation of Proclade Bética de Almendralejo (Spain) will organize an exhibition of young talents from the municipality to raise funds for scholarships in R.D. Congo within the “Education changes lives” Program. It will be next October 5th. The initiative is having a considerable impact on local media. Here are some links: https://www.hoy.es/almendralejo/proclade-organiza-gala-20190915002918-ntvo.html https://www.elperiodicoextremadura.com/noticias/almendralejo/50-jovenes-16-actamientos-gran-final-talent-show_1185396.html Share […]

One of the new Cardinals studied at our School in Seville (Spain)

On October 5, Pope Francis will appoint 13 new Cardinals. Among them the Comboni missionary Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot (Seville, June 17, 1952), who is a former student of our Claret School in Seville (Spain). We congratulate ourselves on this news and pray for the good performance of your new service to the Church. Share […]

Patron Saint Festivities in Valverde de Burguillos and Medina de las Torres

On September 8, Feast of the Nativity of Mary, many towns celebrated their patron saint festivities. This is the case of Valverde de Burguillos and Medina de las Torres. Both parishes are served by our community of Valencia del Ventoso (Spain). We leave here some photos of these festivities From the Virgin of the Valverde […]

Preparing the Festival of the Pilgrimage to Fatima

  As we announced on this website, it will soon be the Pilgrimage to Fatima organized by our Province. To prepare the Festival scheduled for Saturday, September 28 in the afternoon, some Claretian Missionaries of Fatima met last week in Seville. Here you have a picture: Share on: WhatsApp

“Award of Charity” to Manuel Ogalla, cmf

Our missionary in Zimbabwe, Manuel Ogalla, has received the “Charity Award” award from the Archconfraternity of Pilar de Cádiz. The event has been disseminated by the Pontifical Mission Societies. https://www.omp.es/galardon-de-la-caridad-para-manuel-ogalla-misionero-claretiano-en-zimbabue/ Share on: WhatsApp

ECEM´s missionary actions

The course we started presents great challenges for our Claretian Missionary Evangelization Team (ECEM). Among the many planned actions are such as the Youth Mission in Mérida (Badajoz) or the missionary process in Huétor Tájar (Granada). In this summer they have had several meetings to promote these and other evangelizing itineraries, as well as batches […]

Perpetual Consecration in Seville (Spain)

This Saturday, September 7, Maripi and Luisa, members of the Cordimariana Filiation Secular Institute (which is part of the Claretian Family) will make their Perpetual Consecration in the San Antonio María Claret Parish (Seville, Spain) . Both have lived their faith and their vocational process on platforms in our Province, so it is a great […]

Parish Meeting

From August 30 to September 1, the 48th Parish Meeting was held. It was in Malaga (Spain). Claretians and lay people from all our parishes in Spain and Hayes (England) participated. Soon we will send to this site all materials of the Meeting. Share on: WhatsApp

Our School of Seville in Spanish Television

A few days ago, Televisión Española (TVE) in one of its programs (“Direct Spain”) aired a report on the Heliopolis neighborhood of Seville (Spain). Our Parish and our Claret College are located there. At the end of the report (from minute 2 and 48 seconds) our school appears and speaks its deputy director, Francisco Sánchez […]

Finalizing the preparations for the Parish Meeting

Next weekend (August 30 and 31 and September 1) will be the Provincial Parish Meeting. It is celebrated in Malaga. For the first time, members of the three countries that make up our Province of Fatima (United Kingdom-Ireland, Portugal and Spain) will participate. This year’s motto is “Intensive Holiness Course”. These days, members of SEPA […]

Claretian pilgrimage to Fatima

On September 28 and 29, all of our new Province of Fatima will travel to the Sanctuary of Fatima (Portugal). It will be under the motto “With Mary, we are Missionaries” and it will be an extraordinary occasion to foster fraternity among all the people linked to our communities in Portugal, United Kingdom-Ireland and Spain. […]

The children of Malaga “traveled in time”

In the first days of August the children of Catechesis of our Parroquia del Carmen de Málaga (Spain) lived the traditional Camp “Aliatar” in Loja (Granada, Spain). This year, inspired by the television series “The Ministry of Time”. Share on: WhatsApp

Patron celebrations in Atalaya (Spain)

Today, August 15, we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. We thank God for his Mother. The People of God show him a special affection and devotion. This is the case in Atalaya, one of the towns that serve from our community of Valencia del Ventoso (Badajoz). Last day 5 was the feast […]

 Appointment of Bro. Salvador Segura Santana, cmf

Brother Salvador Segura Santana, cmf, a member of our Province, was appointed Assistant to the General Econome on August 1. We pray for him and for this new service entrusted to him Share on: WhatsApp

Meeting “Pilgrims in Europe” in Lecco (Italy)

From July 9 to 12, three missionaries from our Province participated in the “Pilgrims in Europe” meeting, held in Lecco (Italy). He discussed the work carried out with groups located in the “periphery”. You can read the final message of the Meeting from here, in the Blog “From the Southern Border” by José Antonio Benítez […]

Spiritual development group meeting (Buckden)

On July 31, the Spiritual Development group met in Buckden. They want to organize some events oriented to the development of the faith of the members of the parish. Father Antony Arockiam is who accompanies the group. Share on: WhatsApp

Altarpiece restoration in Tenerife

On July 27, the restoration work on the altarpiece of our Parroquia del Pilar in Tenerife was completed. The restoration has lasted a year. In one of the photos, the restaurateurs, civil and ecclesiastical authorities involved in the restoration work, on Friday, July 27. Share on: WhatsApp

Visit to our mission in Zimbabwe

Last month, Julio, our Provincial, Fr. Carlos Candeias, cmf and our Provincial Econome, Fr. Manuel Segura, were visiting our mission in Zimbabwe. In addition to the meeting of Fr. Provincial with all our missionaries, Fr. Manuel, as president of Proclade Bética and Proclade Canarias, had the opportunity to bless the houses of professors of the […]

50th Anniversary of Ordination of John O’Byrne, cmf

Some 500 people from the parish communities of Hayes, Leyton and Buckden, and more than a hundred friends and family of Father John O’Byrne, cmf, met this Saturday, July 27, in Hayes to celebrate his 50th year of priestly ordination. Father John – excited and on the burge of tears – thanked the presence and […]

Death of Brother Tomás Armada Sánchez, cmf

Today, July 24, Brother Tomás Armada Sánchez, cmf, died in Granada (Spain). We pray for his eternal rest.   Share on: WhatsApp

X World Assembly of Lay Claretian

The Lay Claretian Movement, belonging to the Claretian Family, is celebrating its X General Assembly these days. It’s in Medellín, Colombia. There have been a good number of representatives from all regions and groups. Among them, some who are part of our pastoral centers in the Province of Fatima. We pray that the Holy Spirit […]

“Emmaus: Land of Fire”, summer camp in Granada

The Emmaus Project (PROEMA) that works with children from a neighborhood on the outskirts of our Parish of the Holy Spirit in Granada, has made an urban camp during the first half of July. In addition to the Project’s children and their educators and volunteers, young people from the Escolapios have participated. Here is a […]

Nine days to the Virgin of Carmen in Malaga (Spain)

Today ends in our Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Málaga, the novena to the Virgin, preached by Alejandro Suárez Rosales, cmf. Here are some photos of some of the days. Share on: WhatsApp

170 years of history

Today, July 16, we celebrate the 170th Anniversary of the Foundation of our Congregation. 170 years full of missionary service in the style of Father Claret and as Sons of the Heart of Mary. We have, then, much to celebrate. We invite you to thank God with us and to ask him to continue blessing […]

Giving voice to refugees

These months, in Europe there is a great movement of solidarity with migrants and refugees facing the exclusionary policies that governments are implementing. Thus, initiatives such as the caravan “opening borders” have been launched. In the same line, in Malaga, on the last day of the refugee-June 20, José Antonio Benítez Pineda participated in a […]

New Council of Knigts of Columbus in Leyton

The Installation was held on Monday 8th July 2019 at St. Josephs Catholic Church. The outgoing Grand Knight Bro. Tony Boahene was succeeded by Bro. Michael Gay. The Installation was conducted by the Provincial Grand Knight Bro. Andrew Burns Province 10 Brentwood, Deputy Provincial Grand Knight Bro. Liam, Parish Priest Fr. Gerry Ezekwere and Warden […]

Camp whit children from Córdoba (Spain)

From June 24 to 29, children from our parishes, San Antonio María Claret and Corazón de María de Córdoba, together with the Claretian missionaries and catechists, participated in a summer camp. It was in Torrox (Spain). Share on: WhatsApp

Feeding Religious Life

Our Claretian Missionary Evangelization Team (ECEM) has among its tasks the imparting of Spiritual Exercises to priests, religious, laity … In the summer months they direct some. In July they had an intercongregational group in Dorrón (Pontevedra) and right now they have two: one in Zumárraga (Guipúzcoa) with Mercedarias de la Caridad Sisters, and another […]

Spiritual Exercises in Zimbabwe

We prayed for the fruits of the Spiritual Exercises that the Claretian missionaries in Zimbabwe had. They were led by Fr. Paulson of the Forge Team of Los Negrales (Madrid) Share on: WhatsApp

Youth summer experiences

Last week, a group of 18 young people, 6 APJ and 2 Claretian missionaries lived a summer experience in Portugal. They worked “the mysterious city” that inhabits each one of them, “filling them with colors” and making them “works of art”. Share on: WhatsApp

Camp in Gran Canaria

 A group of children from Our Lady of La Paz Parish (Las Rehoyas) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) have enjoyed a few days camping in Bailadero, Telde. It was a happy start to the summer. Share on: WhatsApp

Yesterday Father Eduardo died

Let us pray for the eternal rest of Fr. Eduardo Monge Garbajosa, CMF, who died yesterday in Córdoba (Spain). Here there is a brief obituary for him. Share on: WhatsApp

Meeting of Schools of the Province

  The first days of July, the management and pastoral teams of the five schools of our province in Spain and Portugal met in Malaga to celebrate their annual meeting. They reviewed the Innovation Project and reflected on the pastoral action with the older students. Share on: WhatsApp

“Second Communion” in Olival (Portugal)

In 16 of jun, our parish of Olival celebrated the “Second Communion” of the parish’s children. In the celebration participated the childlike and youthful group of the parish (GIJO). Share on: WhatsApp

Past Celebrations of Saint Anthony in Tondela (Portugal)

In 15 of jun, our parish of Tondela participated in the celebrations of Santo António 2019, Tondela.  They sent us the poster of the acts. Share on: WhatsApp

Canonical Visit General

 Our Provincial Secretary, Félix J. Martínez, at the request of Fr. General, Mathew Vattamattan, is making the general canonical visit to the Province of Colombia-Venezuela. The visit will last the months of July and August. He started in Venezuela, where he sent us a couple of photos. We pray for the fruit of that visit. […]

Procession of the Heart of Mary in Seville (Spain)

n many of our parishes, the feast of Mary’s heart was celebrated last Saturday (June 29). This is the case of our Parish Claret in Seville. For this reason, a procession was held with the image of the Heart of Mary through the streets of the neighborhood. An intense moment of devotion for many people. […]

Camp of catechesis in Tenerife (Spain)

The parish of Our Lady of Pilar organized a camp with children of communion and post-communion catechesis. They are on the slopes of Mount Teide. They are reviving the “Cantilever of the creatures” of San Francisco de Asis. Share on: WhatsApp

Annual celebration with the elderly in Leyton

  The annual celebration of the elders was held in Leyton (England) in mid-June. After a prayer, gifts and other recognitions were given to the people who have been part of the community for more than 30 years. Share on: WhatsApp

Walking to the Sanctuary of Fatima

 In 8 of june, 43 members of the educational community of Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos walked 20km to Santuary of Fatima. It was a time for “water seeds”, reflection, growth. Share on: WhatsApp

Feast of the Heart of Mary

Our Congregation celebrates this year the Feast of the Heart of Mary this Monday, July 1. However, in some of our pastoral centers it is celebrated today. On the occasion of this important date, our Father General, Mathew Vattamattan, has written a letter that you can read here.   Share on: WhatsApp

Translation team of the Province

Our Province has three “official” languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. That’s why the work of translating is very important. We thank José Augusto Correia de Oliveira and Chris Newman. They are doing an enormous job for the benefit of the entire Province. Share on: WhatsApp

Procession of San Juan in Don Benito (Spain)

Our Parish of San Juan in Don Benito (Spain), celebrated this past Monday the traditional procession with the holder of the Parish, within the framework of the festival of San Juan Bautista. Here you can see a video of the exit of the temple of this procession: And here some photos: ç Share on: WhatsApp

Processions on the day of Corpus Christi

  We pray for the parishes that we care for pastorally from our community of Valencia del Ventoso (Spain). On Sunday they celebrated intensely the feast of Corpus Christi, with beautiful carpets made of salt through which they passed the respective processions of Corpus Christi. Share on: WhatsApp

“Life Celebration” in Areosa (Portugal)

In 2 of jun, was the “Life Celebration” in our parish of Nossa Senhora da Areosa, Porto. Share on: WhatsApp

Summer market in our Parish of Hayes

On Saturday, June 8, the summer market took place in our Parish of Hayes (England). Many people met, despite the inclement weather, to participate in games, dances, typical foods (of the various cultures that make up the Parish) … The proceeds go to the Parochial Programs. Share on: WhatsApp

New General Prefect of Formation of the Congregation

Father Joseph Mbungu-Mutu, cmf, has been appointed by our Geneneral Father, Mathew Vattamattan, new General Consultant and General Prefect of Formation. Until now, Fr. Joseph was the Major Superior of the Independent Delegation of the Congo. You can view more information here. Share on: WhatsApp

Pastoral Experience in Zimbabwe

Wesley, one of our candidate in Zimbabwe is spending the month of June in our Zhomba community. He and the other candidates will spend the months of June and July in our communities of Ruwa and Zhomba, of Pastoral Experience. We pray for them. Share on: WhatsApp

Conference of Delegates and Agents of Pastoral of Migration

From June 6 to 8, the XXXIX Conference of Delegates and Migration Agents was held in Madrid. It was organized by the Spanish Episcopal Conference. One of the speakers was Fr. Fabio Baggio, undersecretary of the section of migrants and refugees of the Vatican. José Antonio Benítez Pineda was in the meeting (in the photo, […]

Young people’s meeting in Leyton

The end of term event on the 13th July. We all have set tasks to do including designing a flyer, organising who will help provide food and enlisting the help for a local entertainer e.g. spoken word poet, MC, singer. We discussed the importance of using music to help encourage the young people to come […]

Fraternity dinner in Las Rehoyas (Las Palmas de GC, Spain)

Last Friday, June 13, our Parish of La Paz, in the neighborhood of Las Rehoyas, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, held a dinner of fraternity and coexistence between volunteers and participants of the Social Dining Room that the Parish has. Share on: WhatsApp

 Cultural Week at the “Colegio Internato Claret” (Portugal)

  During the second week of jun, the Colégio Internato Claret organized their Cultural Week. “Build bridges” was the motto for the week. With musicals, exhibitions and field trips, the community talked about sustainability, solidarity, values, love. Share on: WhatsApp

An intense course of catechesis

We are finishing the pastoral course 2018-2019. In all our Pastoral Centers (Parishes, Schools, Temples, Teams …) it has been a course full of experiences, activities … We thank God for all that we have lived. From our parish of Carmen of Málaga (Spain) they sent us photos of the celebration of the end of […]

Feast of the Holy Spirit in Gibraltar

During the past week, Pepe Márquez, member of our Claretian Missionary Evangelization Team (ECEM), preached on the Feast of the Holy Spirit at the Cathedral of Gibraltar. Here are some photos of the novena: Share on: WhatsApp

Tribute to the grandparents in Córdoba

In our Parish of Miralbaida (Córdoba) they take very seriously the call of Pope Francis to take care of the elderly, as one of the “discarded” collectives of our society. Thus, last Friday, June 7, they organized a dinner-tribute to the grandparents of the Parish. Also from that parish, Corazon de María de Córdoba, they […]

Death of Fr. Francisco Alvarez Juarez, cmf

Let us pray for the eternal rest of Fr. Claudio Ordóñez Domínguez, CMF, who died today in Grenada. Here there is a brief obituary for him.   Share on: WhatsApp

Confirmations on the day of Pentecost in Hayes

On the day of Pentecost, 68 young people were confirmed in the Parish of Hayes. It was during the Pentecost Vigil that it ended with the midnight Eucharist. They were accompanied by parents and godparents. Presided over the celebration Paul Smyth, cmf. Here are some pictures: Share on: WhatsApp

 Neocatechumenal groups in our House of Spirituality of Fatima (Portugal)

The “Casa de Acolhimento e Espiritualidade” of Fatima hosted on June 8 and 9 a group of the Neocatechumenal Communities coming from the Parish of San Sebastián de Don Benito (Spain) -in part related to our Claret School in Don Benito- and of Mérida (Spain). There they celebrated the Vigil of Pentecost among other things. […]

Caring for the “Common House” in Buckden

In Buckden (UK), with great participation of parishioners and several local residents, an exhibition of domestic plants and gardens was held last Saturday. The neighbors have arranged their gardens in a special way for people to visit them and leave a monetary donation that is used for charitable causes.   Share on: WhatsApp

New website for our mission in Zimbabwe

Our missionaries in Zimbabwe have launched a website for that mission: http://claretianszimbabwe.com/ In it, besides the history of the Mission, you can find the presentation of the three communities that we have there, and their projects … We ask God to continue blessing our Mission abundantly. Share on: WhatsApp

Soon summer activities begin in Loja

In less than 20 days, the Christian Summer Convivencias begin for young people in Loja (Granada, Spain). They are organized by our Youth Vocational Pastoral Team in Loja. Through them, each summer, hundreds of young people live unforgettable experiences of faith, friendship, growth … This year, they are convened under the motto “Infinite moments, one […]

Moving in Las Palmas

At the end of May our community of Las Palmas on Gran Canaria – Rabadán have moved temporarily to a neighbouring building in the section of Tamaraceite of our Colegio Claret. The present house isvundergoing a process of refurbishment. They are hoping to ‘return’ for the Feast of “El Padrito” (Fr. Claret), in October. The […]

Meeting of our Provincial Government in Lisbon

Throughout this week our Provincial Government, with the Provincial at the head, is meeting in Lisbon (Portugal) to address different issues related to the progress of our life and our mission. Among them the first steps for the preparation of the next Provincial Chapter. Share on: WhatsApp

 We are Missionaries in Harare (Zimbabwe)

Our community of Harare (Zimbabwe) was founded in 2012. It is currently compromised by: Fr. Luis María Guerrero Serón and Fr. Antonio Llamas Forte, and the postulants Austin, George, Wesley, Joseph, Xavier and Kudakwashe. SPECIFIC MISSION Vocational and Postulancy House; Missionary activities. Share on: WhatsApp

Visit of the Bishop of the Romanian Orthodox of Spain

In the context of the Pope’s trip to Romania these days, we are sent from Almendralejo the news that in our community we have held a fraternal agape with the Romanian Orthodox Christian community, with the assistance of the bishop of the Romanian Orthodox communities of Spain. Let us all work together for an interreligious […]

We consecrate ourselves to Mary. We are his sons.

At the end of the month of May, traditionally dedicated to the Virgin Mary and close to the liturgical feast of the Heart of Mary, we renewed our mission of His sons, now members of the Province of Fatima, placed in their hands as arrows to evangelize the world. And we ask God to give […]

Lay people with a Claretian vocation

In several of our apostolic positions there are lay people of the Lay Claretian Movement, belonging to the Claretian Family. They are for all of us brothers in the charism of our founder, Father Claret and authentic “spearheads” in the evangelizing mission in the midst of the world. One example is Joaquín Nuñez, from the […]

 We are Missionaries … in our initial formation stage

As missionaries we attach great importance to our initial formation stage. This is what the students of our Theologate of Granada are doing. Currently there are 5 of our Province (Adão da Costa Chaves, José Manuel Marín Mena, Nyasha Choga, Tiago Emanuel Afonso dos Ramos and Vítor Emanuel Magalhães Barbosa), 3 of the Province of […]

Our Provincial visits Las Palmas

As we reported last week, our Provincial, Carlos Candeias, cmf, is visiting our communities in the Canary Islands. After visiting Tenerife, he spent a few days in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. There he met our communities and apostolic works. They have sent us photographs of their meeting with the groups of the Parish of […]

We pray for the new deacons

As we announced on this same page, last Saturday three new Claretian deacons were ordained in Seville. One of them – José Enrique García Rizo – of our Province of Fatima (the other two, John and Divin, of the Province of Germany and the Delegation of the Congo respectively). The celebration of this order was […]

Mission in Sabiote (Jaén, Spain)

Mission in Sabiote (Jaén) Our Claretian Missionary Evangelization Team (ECEM) is carrying out a Mission in the town of Sabiote (Jaén). In the first week, 35 Christian Family Assemblies met (meetings of neighbors in homes to share faith and life). Share on: WhatsApp

Meeting with the Bishop of Tenerife (Spain)

  Our Provincial, Carlos Candeias, cmf, these days visits our communities of the Canary Islands, to learn more about our missionaries and our work there. In addition, yesterday, May 21, he met with the Bishop of the Diocese of Nivariense (Tenerife), Mr. Bernardo Álvarez Afonso. Here you can see the news of the meeting. Share […]

 Pastoral Council in our Parish of Malaga (Spain)

En la mayoría de nuestras Parroquias el Consejo Pastoral es el órgano más importante de corresponsabilidad. Se reúnen periódicamente. Participan representantes de los diferentes grupos. El Consejo de nuestra Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Málaga se reunió la semana pasada. Además allí han inaugurado nueva página web. Podéis visitarla en https://elcarmenmalaga.es. Os gustará. Share […]

We are Missionaries in Leyton

Our community of Leyton was founded in 1997. It is currently compromised by: Fr. Bijoy Chandra Nayak, Fr. Jim Boothman, Fr. Gerry Ezekwere and Fr. Philip Blandford. SPECIFIC MISSION Parish. Share on: WhatsApp


In our Pastoral Centres the month of May is lived with much intensity.  These is no shortage of activities and celebrations for Mary. As, for example, in the Heart of Mary Parish in Las Palmas where they celebrated a Prayer Vigil on the 13 May on the occasion of the Feast of Our Lady of […]

Meeting of Prefects of Formation in Guatemala

From May 13 to 22, the Encounter of Formation Prefects of our Congregation is being celebrated in Guatemala. Juan Jesús Gea Carrasco, cmf, Prefect of Students is participating in the Province. The meeting will deal with topics such as discernment and accompaniment, interculturality, solidarity and mission and the General Training Project. Share on: WhatsApp

Tomorrow three young deacons are ordained

Tomorrow, May 18, 3 new Claretian deacons who are forming in our Province will be ordained: John Vinothan (who belongs to the Province of Germany), Divin Kisakala Kivuvu (who belongs to the Delegation of the Congo) and José Enrique García Rizo ( from our Province of Fatima). It will be in the Claret Parish of […]

Solidarity Market in Cordoba (Spain)

On the 13 to 15 a Solidarity Market was held organised by our parishes and Proclade Delegation in Cordoba (Spain) Share on: WhatsApp

Meeting of Migration Delegations of Andalusia

Last week the Diocesan Delegations of Migrations of Andalusia met in Antequera (Spain). Participated José Antonio Benitez, member of our community of Malaga. Share on: WhatsApp

 We are Missionaries in Colegio Internato Dos Carvalhos (Portugal)

Our community of Colegio Internato Dos Carvalhos (Portugal) was founded in 1950. It is currently compromised by: Fr. António de Araújo Oliveira, Fr. Joaquim Domingues Cavadas, Fr. José Martins Maia, Fr. José Pires Diz and Fr. Vítor Manuel Pereira Pinto. SPECIFIC MISSION Pastoral education, parish… Share on: WhatsApp

Encounter between schools of our Province

Last week members of the Spanish and Portuguese schools met in Carvalhos to strengthen ties and share key points of their pastoral and pedagogical projects. Share on: WhatsApp

 With Him

In our parish of Carmen, every second Thursday of the month, a prayer time is summoned at night, under the title: “With Him”. A long time, in silence and adoration. Yesterday it was done again. Share on: WhatsApp

Vocation Event in Zimbabwe

  From the 29 April to 2 May a Vocation Event was held in Zimbabwe. Five young men took part, accompanied by our Missionaries, Antonio Llamas, Anil Minj y Manuel Ogalla. (Throughout the year 2 Vocation Events have been held in Zimbabwe: one in December at the Postulant House of Claret House in Harare and […]

 XVI Missionary May Cross in Malaga (Spain)

On the 4 and 5 May, in our Parish of Our Lady of Carmel in Malaga, Spain, through its Proclade Delegation, organiseddd once again the traditional ‘ Misisonary May Cross’. The Cofradia of Mercy and the local community also took part. Everything that was collected was for the projects of Proclade. Share on: WhatsApp

We are Missionaries in Cacem (Portugal)

Our community of Cacem (Portugal) was founded in 1956. It is currently compromised by: Fr. Ângelo Francisco Ferreira de Almeida, P. Amândio da Cunha Esteves Antunes, Fr. Domingos Ferreira Carneiro, Fr. Joaquim de Jesus Maia da Silva, Fr. Manuel da Silva and Fr. Manuel Honorato Antunes. SPECIFIC MISSION Parish ministry (3 parishes), penitentiary ministry, social […]

 IV Day of Solidarity in our College of Seville

Last April 27, the 4th edition of the “Day of Solidarity” was held in our Claret School in Seville. This year’s theme was: “We defend education, we support the world”. It was a beautiful day of fraternity and encounter, in particular with sub-Saharan people. The money raised was allocated to aid projects in Zimbabwe and […]

 Afternoon with migrants in Granada

Our Community of the Theologate of Granada lived on Sunday an afternoon of meeting with the migrants of the Project “Hay Salidas” of that city. A concretion of their option for being an open and welcoming community. Share on: WhatsApp

Meeting of our Provincial Government

Our Provincial Government met from April 24 to 26 in Hayes (United Kingdom) to continue working on issues related to our Province. Share on: WhatsApp

“Camino of Santiago”

These days, the students of our Claret School in Don Benito (Spain) carry out the “Camino of Santiago” Share on: WhatsApp

Spiritual Exercises for our missionaries

During Holy Week and Easter Week many of our missionaries have participated in Spiritual Exercises. We pray for the fruit of them. In the photo, the group that was in the session held in Dos Hermanas, from 21 to 27 April. They were directed by Fr. Carlos Sanchez Miranda, Director of CESC Share on: WhatsApp

Our Lady of Soledad de Ruecas (Spain) had a new cloak for Holy Week

In many of our parishes this past Holy Week became a time for popular celebrations of devotion to Jesus and Mary. This was the case of the parish of Ruecas in Badajoz. There at this time the statue of Our Lady of Soledad wore for the first time a cloak designed and decorated by the […]

Convivial lunch missionary in Agualva (Portugal)

On the next day 5 May (Sunday) from 13h we will hold a convivial lunch – Arraial Missionary, in the Church of Santa Maria, Parish of Agualva. This year (4th edition) will have the particularity of being the Mother’s Day. The funds raised in favor of the Mission in Sao Tome and Principe. Share on: […]

 Prayer Vigil in Hayes

Our Provincial Council is meeting in Hayes. England. Yesterday they took part in a Prayer Vigil of solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka. It was an ecumenical service in which people of various cultures and religions. Share on: WhatsApp

 Echoes of the Easter Youth in Portugal

We pray for the success of the YVM activities developed during Holy Week in our Province. Here you can see a video of Easter Youth Camp in Carvalhos (Portugal) Share on: WhatsApp

 We are Missionaries in Zhomba (Zimbabwe)

Our community of Zhomba (Zimbabwe) was founded in 2007.  It is currently compromised by: Fr. Manuel Ogalla Carrera, Fr. Lawrence Deok Hyeong Yi (Korea) and Fr. Álvaro Rodríguez Jover. SPECIFIC MISSION Pastoral care of the Christian communities in the Shona and Tonga languages of the Zhomba Mission. Pastoral of the Chiutsi College. Here is a […]

 Easter Vigil in our churches

In all our parishes and churches the Easter Vigil was lived with great joy. This was the case at the Corazón de María Parish in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Here you have a video of the Easter Proclamation. Share on: WhatsApp

 50 years of priesthood

Fr. José Martíns Maia celebrated his 50 years of priesthood on the 6 April. On the 7th he celebrated it with a Eucharist in Areosa. Share on: WhatsApp

 Holy Week in our communities

Our Pastoral Centres are now living with much fervour this ‘Great Week’ for Christians. From various places they have sent us photographs of Palm Sunday processions such as the Residencia Claret in Granada and the Our Lady of Carmel Parish in Malaga. Photos of the Claret Residence: Photos of the Carmen Parish: Share on: WhatsApp

 Easter Youth Camps in Carvalhos (Portugal)

  From 12 to 14 April, 12 youths gathered at Casa da Juventude Claret (Carvalhos) to celebrate a Contemplative Easter. It was a weekend of prayer, sharing, communion and meeting with God. Share on: WhatsApp

We are Missionaries in Las Rehoyas (Spain)

Our community of Las Rehoyas (Las Palmas of GC, Spain) was founded in 1998. It is currently compromised by: Fr. Vicente Cuadrado De Lera, Fr. Blas Márquez Bernal, Fr. Dionisio Rodado Rivera. SPECIFIC MISSION Pastoral care of the Parish Our Lady of Peace, social projects and prison ministry. Share on: WhatsApp

 The Way of the Cross in our pastoral centres

Throughout Lent, in many of our ministries, especially in the parishes and shrines, they are celebrating the Way of the Cross. Today, Friday, it will be celebrated in the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Las Palmas, the Canary Islands, where it will pass through the streets of the neighbourhood giving witness to […]

 Forming the formators

Last weekend Juan Carlos Martos, a Claretian Missionary, of Fatima, led a workshop on formation for the of the Secular Institutes of Spain. Share on: WhatsApp

 Met of the Management Committee of our NGO Proclade Canarias

Last Saturday the management committee of our NGO Proclade Canarias met in Tenerife (Spain). Among other things, they approved the accounts for 2018 and the budget for 2019. Share on: WhatsApp

 We are missionaries in Almendralejo (Spain)

Our community of Almendralejo (Spain) was founded in 1891. It is currently compromised by: Fr. Antonio Mª Ávila Gómez, Fr. Pedro Cabrera Jiménez, Fr. José Carbajo García, Fr. Cesáreo Castaño Rastrollo, Fr. Ramón Crucera Ramírez, Fr. José Márquez Valdés, Fr. Antonio Sanjuán Marín, Fr. Agustín Texeira Quirós SPECIFIC MISSION Pastoral care of the Church of […]

EXPOCIC 2019 in Carvalhos (Portugal)

During the firts week of April, the Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos organized the EXPOCIC 2019. One week where the students can share the curricular plan of the school and share the unique courses of this school. Share on: WhatsApp

 Event to present the Claretian Vocation

In our mission of Zomba there has been an event to present the Claretian vocation to young people  who might be interested in beginning the process of vocational accompaniment. Let us pray for the results of the event. Share on: WhatsApp

 Pilgrimage to Fatima

This last weekend the Claretian Parishes of Medina de las Torres and Valencia del Ventoso (Badajoz) went on pilgrimage to the Shrine of Fatima to visit Mary and present to her the many situations which each one brought in their heart.  Almost 130 people in total who shared their faith, joy and fraternity. Share on: WhatsApp

 Preparing the Young Easter

Let us pray for the preparations for the Easter Youth Camps organised by the Province such as the one taking place in the ‘Casa de Juventude Claret’ in Vila Nova de Gaia from 12 to 14 April. We take this opportunity to send you the new Apostolic Exhortation of the Pope on the Youth “Christus […]

 We are missionaries in Cordoba-Miralbaida (Spain)

  Our community of Cordoba-Miralbaida (Spain) was founded in 1969. It is currently compromised by: Fr. José Ramón García García, Fr. Pablo Olmedo García, Fr. Jaime Pérez Moriano. SPECIFIC MISSION Pastoral care of the parishes of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Barrio de Miralbaida) and San Antonio Mª Claret (Barrio de Las Palmeras). Share on: […]

 Lentan Talks in Malaga (Spain)

Let us pray for the success of the Lentan talks and other activities carried out at this time in our parishes like the one taking place in the Parish of Our Lady of Carmen under the direction of Salvador Leon of Santiago. They will be held from the 12 to 15 of this month. Share […]

 Meeting of Superiors in Loja (Spain)

On the 26th and 27th the Superiors of our communities met in Loja with the Provincial Government. They were days to share, and also to advance in this new Province of Fatima. Share on: WhatsApp

 Proclade Bética raises € 5000 in Almendralejo (Spain)

Our NGO Proclade in Almendralejo  has raised  €5,000 for their projects with an exposition of  playmobil clicks. The event has come out in the local media: La exposición de Playmobil recauda más de cinco mil euros que se destinarán a las misiones Share on: WhatsApp

 Ministries of Lector and Acolyte

On 19 March 2019, on the Solemnity of St. Joseph, co-patron of our Congregation, four students received the Ministries of Lector and Acolyte in the Theology House in Granada at the hands of Fr. Jorge Sánchez Palacios, cmf: John Vinothan (Sri Lanka), Xavier Melvettom (India), Jacob Sebastian (India) and Divin Kisakala (Congo). One of those […]


The Holy See Press Office announced on its Bulletin at noon time today, 25th of March 2019, Feast of the Annunciation, Pope Francis’ appointment of Fr. Leo M. Dalmao, CMF, present General Prefect of Formation of the Congregation of Missionaries, Sons of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Claretian Missionaries), as Bishop of Praelatura Territorialis […]

 We are missionaries in Tondela (Portugal)

Our community of Tondela (Portugal) was founded in 1990. It is currently compromised by: Fr. António Lopes da Silva, Fr. Florentino Mendes Pereira, Fr. João Carlos Pinto Gomes. SPECIFIC MISSION Parish pastoral, spiritual accompaniment… Share on: WhatsApp

 Provincial Government visited the Colegio Internato Claret

In 12 march, our Provincial Government visited the Colégio Internato Claret, in Carvalhos (Oporto). The government visited the school and discovered about the educational project and the next steps for this claretian’s school. Share on: WhatsApp

 Lent in the Claret Pastoral Center of Portugal and other parishes

With the beginning of Lent, the Centro Pastoral Claret, along with other parishes, started their way and their preparation. In these weeks, a part of the Eucharist, Easter Visit, moments for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (in several days), Via Sacra (every Friday), procession (April 12th), Preparation of the Lord’s Supper (April 18th), Easter Vigil (April […]

 Visit of the Bishop to our Parish of Las Rehoyas (Canary Islands)

D. Francisco Cases Andreu, Bishop of the Canary Islands visited this Sunday our Parish of Our Lady of La Paz (Barrio de Las Rehoyas). Among other things, he shared the Eucharist with the entire parish community. Share on: WhatsApp

 The Provincial Government of Fatima visited Areosa

The government of Fátima visited last 14th the parish of Areosa, with the presence of the claretians José Maia, Joaquim Cavadas and José Diz. Share on: WhatsApp

 We are missionaries in Tenerife (Spain)

Our community of Santa Cruz of Tenerife (Spain) was founded in 1896. It is currently compromised by: Fr. Fernando Beriaín Aguirre, Fr. Esteban Bolívar Molina, Fr. Sebastián Plaza Martín, Fr. José Mª Rastrojo Gamero, Fr. Serapio Sajeras Bellanco, Fr. Antonio Sánchez García. SPECIFIC MISSION Pastoral care of the parishes Our Lady of Pilar, Our Lady […]

 Listening God in the voice of the young people

Youths from our parish of Pedroso participated on an encounter promoted by the diocese with the subject “Listening God in the voice of the young people” on March 9th. The Sanctuary of Mary’s Heart welcomed the young people from Oporto for a night of prayer, music and faith. Share on: WhatsApp

 Hayes: A well informed parish

Manyof our parishes have different ways of keeping their parish community and society in general informed of the parishes, projects, etc. This is the case of the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Hayes, England. One of its parishioners, Gael, tells us something about the information Bulletin that they have. My name is […]

 “Church of missionary disciples”

On March 10th, the Sanctuary of Mary’s Heart, Carvalhos, started the Lent’s conferences 2019. D. Manuel Pelino talked about a “Church of missionary disciples”. Throughout the Lent, there’ll be more conferences where strong names from Church which will give their testimony. Share on: WhatsApp

 United in grief

The Claretian Missionaries of the Province of Fatima unite in sorrow at the death today of a 17 year old student of Colegio Claret in Don Benito (Spain) as has been reported widely. We pray for all his family and loved ones that they find consolation at this difficult time. Share on: WhatsApp

We are missionaries in Ruwa (Zimbabwe)

Our community of Ruwa (Zimbawe) was founded in 2008 It is currently compromised by: Fr. Shylan Jude Sebamalai, Fr. Peter Paul Silluvaipillai, Fr. Joaquín Béjar  and Fr. Anil Minj.   SPECIFIC MISSION Pastoral care of the Parish of San Carlos Lwanga. Direction and Pastoral of the School of San Vincent. Share on: WhatsApp

 Parish of Areosa: 40th aniversary

In 4 march, was the 40 aniversary of parish Nossa Senhora da Areosa. In the celebration was present the bishop of Oporto, D. Manuel Linda, and priest José Maia, claretian, celebrated the 50 aniversary of sacerdotal ordenation. Share on: WhatsApp

 Celebration in Granada (Spain)

On the 28 February Andalucian Day was celebrated.  This gave our community of Granada  (care home, students, etc.) the opportunity to share a tasty barbecue on the patio of the house, taking advantage of the good weather.  In this way we put into practice what is proposed in our Plan of Life and Mission of […]

 Our schools in Spain continue to be among the top 100

Our schools in Spain continue to be among the top 100 according to the El Mundo newspaper.  The one in Las Palmas is 25th, the school in Don Benito is 58th and in 87th is the school in Seville . You can see the complete list here: https://www.elmundo.es/mejores-colegios.html Share on: WhatsApp

 ‘The Forge’ for missionaries of around 70 years has started.

On 1 March there began in Los Negrales, Madrid the new experience “Forging another stage in life “.  Promoted by the General Prefect of Spirituality, it is for Claretians around 70 years of age.  It is the first attempt at this new initiative for on-going formation which has never been held before and missionaries from […]

We are Missionaries in Madrid (and there Cardinal Oscar Madariaga visited us!)

Our community of Don Benito (Badajoz) was founded in 1943. At present it consists of: Fr. Antonio Bolívar Gómez-Urda, Fr. Agustín Bernal Martín, Fr. Carlos Mateos Cifuentes, Fr. Cristobal Anougba, Fr. Eleuterio López Cuadrado, Fr. Emeterio Ruiz Recio and Fr. Jesús Mª Palacios Alcántara. Also in the photograph: Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Madariaga, Bishop Emeritus Romulo Emiliani […]

Technological conference in Internato dos Carvalhos

In 12 februaty, Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos prepared the Jornadas Tecnologias – Indústria 4.0 for highschool students. The students listened Dr. Nélson Costa (FESTO), Dr. Pedro Pereira Rodrigues (CINTESIS/FMUP) and Engª Fátima Borges (SCHNEIDER). Share on: WhatsApp

Caring for the Spirit in Las Palmas

Our communities live their spirituality intensely. For this they regularly programme retreats. The Claretian Missionaries of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands on the 23rd February joined with a community of Benedictine monks of the Island with whom they shared in prayer and fellowship. An eloquent sign of the desire to live consecrated lives in […]

First chapel of the “Tonga” community in Zimbabwe

  Our missionaries in Zimbabwe have blessed and inaugurated the chapel of St Martin Leza Ulandiswe, made up of Tonga catechumens who are preparing for their baptism. It is the first chapel for a totally Tonga people community. The Eucharist is celebrated in Shona and Tonga. Without doubt a concrete example of the Church ‘going […]

We are missionaries in Don Benito (Badajoz)

Our community of Don Benito (Badajoz, Spain) was founded in 1893 (last year was its 125 º anniversary). It is currently compromised by: Fr. José Antonio Álvarez Cabero, Fr. José Antonio Carrasco Ríos, Fr. Adolfo Furones Martín, Fr. Lorenzo García Palacios, Fr. Antonio López Simón, Fr. Juan Miguel Martínez Molero, Fr. Gabriel Miguélez Combarros and […]

Former prime Minister of Portugal at our Higher School Pius XII

At the end of the last academic term, the University College Pius XII (Lisbon) organized a conference with Dr. Pedro Santana Lopes (former Prime Minister of Portugal), in which he mentioned the various projects he led or collaborated with. Throughout the meeting, he referred to all of them, since his passing through football, as president […]

Starting the Mission process

We continue to pray for the missionary activities of the Claretian Missionary Evangelisation Team. Among other things they are starting the Mission process in the parishes of Torremejia in (Badajoz, Spain) and St. Anthony of Padua in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands (Spain) Share on: WhatsApp

Frugal meal in solidarity with the poor

We pray for the activities in favour of our NGOs and foundations. In Almendralejo in Spain they are hosting a frugal meal in solidarity with the poor to raise funds for Proclade Betica. Share on: WhatsApp

Retreat Plan of the House of Hospitality and Spirituality in Fatima

The Claretian Missionaries of Portugal, through their House of Hospitality and Spirituality (CAE), in Fatima, present the 2019 Retreat Plan for Consecrated Persons. This proposal on the experience of the consecrated life is composed of ten retreats, from April to October. The retreats will take place in silence and in boarding regimen; starting with the […]

We are Missionaries in Valencia of Ventoso (Badajoz)

Our community at Valencia of Ventoso (Badajoz, Spain) was founded in 2016. It is currently comprised of: P. José Ángel Ayala Serna, p. José Antonio De Abajo Vidal and P. Eduardo Moreno Álvarez. Specific mission Pastoral care of the rural parishes of Valencia del Ventoso, Medina de las Torres, Valverde de Burguillos and Atalaya. These […]

Our IECIC in an Apple project

Colégio Internato Claret (IECIC) is a claretian school in Carvalhos, Portugal. The institution has an innovator and human education project. On 22 January, IECIC participated in the Education Leadership Summit 2019 in London. The invitation was made by Apple because the school is implementing an Apple educative project. Share on: WhatsApp

Meeting of Grandparents in Las Palmas

  Last Saturday, February 9, at our Heart of Mary parish in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria there was a Grandparents’ Meeting. It is a way to recognize and value the work of evangelization of the grandparents. They are very important in the growth of their grandchildren’s faith. Share on: WhatsApp

Our young people on Portuguese television

On 22 January, GIJO, a youth group from Olival in Portugal, was on a tv show, Praça da Alegria from RTP1, to talk about their experience at World Youth Day. The group was represented by Ana Cristina and Cristiana. Share on: WhatsApp

Preparation for Holy Orders

Last weekend (8-10 February ) an encounter was celebrated in our Theology House in Granada in preparation for Holy Orders. In total there were 10 missionaries in formation from the whole of Europe that took part: 7 in preparation for the Diaconate and 3 for the Priesthood. They have been accompanied by their formators and […]

We are Missionaries in Buckden (United Kindgom)

Our community at Buckden was founded in 1956. It is currently comprised of: Fr. Antony Arockiam, p. James Kennedy and P. Paul Peter Alphonse. (We take the opportunity to pray for Fr. Peter Wareing, a member of this community, who died last year) Specific Mission: Youth ministry, Parish, English for mission, associations Share on: WhatsApp

Meeting of management Teams of the schools

We pray for the management teams of the schools of Don Benito, Las Palmas, and Seville who met in Dos Hermanas, Seville on the 7-8 February. On the first day they were visited by the Provincial Superior, Carlos Candeias, cmf. He encouraged them to continue contributing their abilities in achieving the aims of our schools […]

Today our Constitutions are 149 years old since its adoption

On February 11, 1870, the Holy See, a few months before the death of Fr. Claret, approved the constitutions of the congregation he had written. We thank God for this guide as important to our lives as the children of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Share on: WhatsApp

Provincial Council Meeting

Let us pray for our Provincial Government which has met from Monday to Wednesday in Seville (Spain) to continue discussing different topics concerning the Province. Share on: WhatsApp

Get-together for the personnel of Saint Claret Chiutsi School (Zimbabwe)

We are praying for our Saint Claret Chiutsi School, in the mission of Zhomba in Zimbabwe. On 2nd February, 18 teachers and members of the PAS, the entire personnel of the centre, participated in this 1st Encounter of the teaching staff of the centre which focused on the Christian and Claretian identity of the personnel […]

Our YVM team in Las Palmas (Canary Islands)

We ask for the fruit of the activities last week of our YVM team that took place in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands celebrating vocation encounter in our school and parish there. Share on: WhatsApp

Provincial Council for the Economy

Let us pray for the work of the new Provincial Council for the Economy that met for several days in Seville (Spain). (The  Council is formed of, besides the Provincial Econome, Manuel Segura, João Luis Escaleira, Chris Newman, Abilio Correia and Jaime Perez). Share on: WhatsApp

Appointed Provincial Secretary

Our  Superior Provincial, Carlos Candeias, cmf has named Father Félix Jesús Martínez Lozano, Provincial Secretary of Fatima, cmf. We pray for him and his service to the Province. Share on: WhatsApp

Jacob and Xavier making their Perpetual Profession

  Today, we are praying for Jacob Edathinattu and Xavier Melvettom, missionaries in formation at our Theology College in Granada who today are making their Perpetual Profession in Spaichingen, Germany, the Province to which they belong.  The local media are publicising the event as you can see with this link Share on: WhatsApp

Liturgical Memorial of the Claretians Martyrs

Yesterday the Holy See sent to the Secretary General the approval of the inclusion of the MEMORIA OF BLESSED PHILIP DE JESUS MUNARRIZ AZCONA, PRIEST AND COMPANIONS, RELIGIOUS AND MARTYRS in the Calendar proper to our Congregation on February 1. Attached herewith: Attached herewith: . Letter Document from the Holy See dated 25 January 2019; […]

Our Bording School of Dos Carvalhos, at the inauguration of the Year of the Periodic Table

Our Boarding School Dos Carvalhos (in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal) participated for the opening of the International Year of the Periodic Table, by  forming a gigantic periodic table in Oporto. Share on: WhatsApp

Death of Fr. Claudio Ordóñez Domínguez, cmf

Let us pray for the eternal rest of Fr. Claudio Ordóñez Domínguez, CMF, who died today in Grenada. Here there is a brief obituary for him. Share on: WhatsApp

Mission in San Juan del Rambla (Tenerife)

Our ECEM (Claretian Team for Missionary Evangelisation) is conducting a Parish Mission at San Juan de la Rambla (Tenerife, Spain). The action is from 17 January to 3 February. Share on: WhatsApp

Cardinal Fernando Sebastián Aguilar, cmf, died yesterday

Yesterday, January 24th, Cardinal D. Fernando Sebastián Aguilar, CMF, died in Malaga (Spain) The Diocese of Malaga announces that the remains of Fr. Fernando will be veiled in the Church of the Sagrario of Malaga (Spain) from 10 to 21 hours and Saturday at the Cathedral of Malaga from 10 to 12, time to be […]

World Youth Day begins in Panama

The World Youth Day is celebrated from January 22nd to 27th in Panama, . This is their website: HTTPS://PANAMA2019.PA. Here you can find the hymn of the WYD: Https://youtu.be/SXlYt_JjftE. And here is the website of the activities of the Claretian Family: http://jmj2019fc.com/ Share on: WhatsApp

Cardinal Fernando Sebastián, in critical condition

Cardinal and Bishop Emeritus Fernando Sebastián, claretian missionary, is admitted to a Hospital in Malaga, where he resides, in a serious state. Last Saturday he suffered a stroke. We pray for him. (In the photo, D. Fernando -in the center- with the claretian community of Malaga, to wich he visited last November, coinciding with the […]

The first edition of the “Claret-Life” awards was celebrated

Casa de la Biosalud Claret from Honduras, Atlántida Department, Municipality of Arizona, won the first prize of the Claret-Life Awards. It was celebrated the 18th of January, in Panama. You can know more  here. Share on: WhatsApp

Missionaries being solidarity

The Province of Fatima has 4 Foundations. Through many projects contribute to the development of vulnerable countries and people.You can see which are from here: https://fatimacmf.org/nuestra-mision/#fundaciones Share on: WhatsApp

Missionaries in Zimbabwe

The Province of Fatima feels blessed to have among its apostolic positions a Mission in a country of the South: Zimbabwe. There our missionaries invigorate this young church and accompany the transformation of that society. Share on: WhatsApp

Missionaries provide Spiritual Centres

Our world desires the opportunity to meet with God. In our Province of Fatima we have two Spirituality Centres that promote this encounter by providing spaces for silence, gathering and prayer. In this link you can find out where they are: https://fatimacmf.org/nuestra-mision/#centroespiritualidad Share on: WhatsApp

The First Provincial Council

From 7th to 12th January the government of the new Province of Fatima met in our house in Loja (Granada) to prepare for the organization and programming of the life and mission of the province. We pray for all of them and the fruit of their work. (The Provincial Government of Fatima is composed of: […]

Missionaries in Parishes and Churches

In total, the Province of Fatima animates the Christian life of 21 parishes and non-parochial churches. This encompasses a huge flow of life that is presenteach day in these communities of God’s people,which we want to animate from a missionary perspective”looking outward”, as Pope Francis asks us, when he reminds us that “missionary outreach is […]

Claretians in Education

Our newly created Province of Fatima counts among its pastoral projects 7 schools and a university college. Evangelization in education has become absolutely necessary. From here you can see where these 8 centres are located: https://fatimacmf.org/nuestra-mision/#colegios Share on: WhatsApp

Our communities

The new Province of Fatima has a total of 25 communities distributed in Spain (13), Portugal (6), England (3) and Zimbabwe (3). You can know the names of the places where they are from our web page: https://fatimacmf.org/donde-estamos/ Share on: WhatsApp

Where are we

Our Province of Fatima opens up a vast missionary field: schools, parishes, retreat centres, specialised teams, NGOs, mission in a country of the south, etc. You can learn more about all this on our web page: https://fatimacmf.org/nuestra-mision/ Share on: WhatsApp

Our logo

A logo has been designed (entrusted to the design company Monzon 8 of Seville) For our new Province of Fatima which pretends to be a visual expression of our identity and our mission. Behind it is “WE ARE MISSIONARIES” which sums up our being. Something which we live in different environments (parishes, schools, YVM, solidarity, […]

Taking of possession

Yesterday, January 3rd, the taking of possession of Fr. Carlos Candeias as Provincial Superior of Fatima took place in Lisbon, within the celebration of the Eucharist. The act was attended by  some members of the Provincial Government together with some others from former governments and communities of the Province. Share on: WhatsApp

Taking of possession of our Provincial

Tomorrow, January 3, at 12’00, Portuguese time, will be the taking of possession of the Provincial Superior of Fatima, p. Carlos Candeias, cmf. He will be in the Residence Hall of Pius XII in Lisbon. We pray for him and his mission. Share on: WhatsApp

The Province of Fatima was born

Dear claretian brothers: Happy New Year! We welcome you all to the Province of Fatima. Our new province has been born in the solemnity of the blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. To her maternal Heart we entrust the life of our Province, of each one of the missionaries who are part of it and of […]

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