Via Crucis of the Brotherhood of the Expiration of Cordoba

The Via Crucis of the Brotherhood of the Expiration of Cordoba, presided over by its Titular – the Holy Christ of the Expiration – took place on 1 April at 21.00 hours in the Royal Church of San Pablo in Cordoba.

On this occasion, it was once again celebrated as this brotherhood has traditionally done before the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. For this reason, solemnity and recollection once again characterised this act, in which the instructions in force against COVID-19, such as interpersonal distance and the use of masks, were respected.

More than 125 brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood led the image of Christ through the naves of the church, illuminated only by the candles of the procession, creating one of the most beautiful images of Lent in Cordoba.

Manuel Mª Carrasco cmf, the Via Crucis was presided over by the rector of the church, Fr. Santiago González Silva, and narrated by D. Antonio Capdevila, Secretary of the Brotherhood.

The musical accompaniment was provided by the chamber quartet Ars Sacra and the polyphonic choir De Profundis, who have already performed in previous years during this very special event for this centenary Brotherhood.


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