The XXVI General Chapter concludes with intensity, emotion and hope

A few days have already passed since the XXVI General Chapter concluded with a very intense last day. The morning began in an atmosphere of prayer, where the capitulants re-read and meditated together on the words that Pope Francis addressed to the assembly a few days earlier. Many hearts were touched in the early hours of the day.

The emotion would be felt again in the hall when, after a time of silent reading of the draft exhortation that the Chapter will address to the Congregation, almost thirty capitulants expressed the impression that the text made on them and the joy of seeing reflected in it the path that major superiors and the general government undertook together in Talagante (Chile) in January 2020.

The most repeated word during the day was “gratitude”. At various times and in many ways the capitulants expressed their gratitude to the Lord, before doing so par excellence at the evening Eucharist, presided over by Cardinal Aquilino Bocos.

In this way, thanks are due above all to God, our Father, who has allowed us to celebrate with such joy and fraternity a chapter in times of pandemic, when so many are suffering and unable to travel. Thanks also to the General Government of the Congregation, who worked tirelessly to make the assembly possible and who, without in any way diminishing security and prudence, gave priority to trust in the Lord. Thanks to hundreds of people who, by their prayer, their participation in the pre-Chapter conversations or their work, made the assembly possible. Special mention should be made of all the non-capitular Claretians involved, from Fr. Paulson Veliyanoor to those who have worked in the translation, the secretariat, the logistics… A singular gratitude has undoubtedly been expressed to Sr. Jolanta Kafka, RMI, Superior General of the Claretian Missionary Sisters, who has accompanied the Chapter during the whole month.

In the coming days, the General Government will coordinate the editing of the texts that will be addressed to the Congregation. A great part of its content is also a word for ‘the great Claretian family’, the one formed by those who have been called by vocation to one of the institutions encouraged by Fr. Claret and those who by friendship, affinity, closeness or personal experience also participate in his spirit.

The Lord has been great with us, and we are happy. In the words of Fr. Bocos, Fr. Claret died more than a century and a half ago, but his spirit is still very much alive in the world and in the Church. We pray for this and for the fruits that he may bear in the XXVI General Chapter.


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