The ‘Team 3A’ of the Parish of Areosa

The ‘Team 3A’ (Amar, Apoiar e Alimentar in Portuguese; love, support and feed in English) is made up of a group of friends belonging to the catechists’ group, the youth group and the choir, who met and got together in the Parish of Areosa (Porto, Portugal) to carry out different functions.

This group created this project about six years ago with the purpose of helping the most needy people, i.e. the homeless or those who cannot meet their basic needs such as food, access to hygiene products or clothing.

The group goes on a ‘mission’ every two or three weeks and, according to them, “everything is due to the efforts of everyone, to those who contribute with food or money, and to all those who take a little time to get to know realities that so often go unnoticed”.

The work is voluntary and is done “willingly and gladly”, as the aim is always that “with our contribution we can improve someone’s life”. The aim is to ‘Love, support and feed’ as its name describes, to “see the smiles on the faces of all the people who ask us for help and to be able to fill their stomachs and warm their hearts”.


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