The joy of Easter and the month of Our Lady in the Parish of Areosa in Portugal

The month of May has brought a lot of joy and activity in the Parish of Areosa (Porto, Portugal), which has made the children of catechesis live a series of experiences that have helped them to live the resurrection of the Lord and Easter, to get closer to the Virgin and to take steps in their faith.

Here are some of the activities they have done during these weeks:

Rosary (6th May). The young people of the youth catechesis (from 11 to 16 years old) were invited to lead the prayer of the Rosary.

Catechesis outing (7th May). This is a moment of relaxation and conviviality for the children, the catechists and the catechesis secretariat. This year the activity consisted of a visit to the “Place of Affections”, a theme park where emotions and affections are the central theme, explained through symbolic elements of the complex of buildings, gardens, etc., as the founder Graça Gonçalves explained. The activity continued with a picnic in a wooded park, where the children were able to play, interact and get to know each other better in an atmosphere of friendship and joy. Ninety-three children and 23 adults participated.

Feast of the Word (8th May), 4th year of catechesis. At the beginning of the year the children received a Bible and during the year they learn to consult and interpret various passages, trying to build a closer relationship with Jesus, and at the same time to receive God with his own Word. Families are invited to participate with their children in this learning process and this celebration is the children’s commitment to continue the task of getting to know the “Word” which does not end in catechesis.

Procession and recitation of the Rosary (13th May). Coinciding with the celebration of Our Lady of Fatima Day, the Catechesis proposed the organisation of a Candlelight Procession, which was accepted by the Parish Office, the “Standing Committee”. It was a way of showing the community around the church that, despite the restrictions of the pandemic, the children and their families are grateful to “Our Lady” and still believe that it is worthwhile to continue to know Jesus. The children and their parents were also invited to actively participate in praying the rosary using age-appropriate language and symbolism.



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