Take care of your family: Let us discuss how we can take care, as a family, of the things of our Father God.


Jesus identifies with sinners and comes to receive baptism from John. And there he touchingly sees his sonship as a child of God. There is a family bond: a Father and a Son.
In our personal baptism there is also a Father and a son, us. Are we aware of our filiation with the Father?
“Why did you seek me? Did you not know that I must take care of my Father’s things?” (Lk,2-49) Do we concern ourselves with our Father’s things?
We have the experience that being parents is something for life from the moment our child is born.

Proposal to take care of the family this week:

Let us explore this week as a family, as baptized people, how we can look after the things of our Father, who is God.

Margarita Angulo and Jose Morenodavila

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