Take care of the Family: Let us seek a concrete way to live the unconditional Love

The well-known parable of the Gospel today is the father and his two sons. The Father (God), is the paradigm of all virtues: generosity, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and, ultimately, unconditional and unlimited love. The sons represent humanity, created by God in His own image and likeness and so loved by Him, who makes us free to follow at his side (eldest son, “the faithful one”) or to leave him (the younger son, “the prodigal son”).
The parable shows us that neither the “good son” is so good (jealous, envious, spiteful…) nor the “bad son” is so bad (although because of hunger, returns to his father and shows his repentance). The only admirable one is the Father who loves all of his sons the same, with their virtues and defects, and who reaches out to both.
We could identify our own behaviour – also within our families- with either of the two brothers, but hardly with the Father, whose love, without a doubt, is beyond us. Thus, throughout life we pass through situations or moments that make us feel unworthy to be called “Christians”. Only the conviction of the eternal mercy of God helps us to begin again and grow in mercy towards others.

Proposal to take care of the family this week:
Continue to live permanently our educational duty with our children and family (whatever their age or circumstance) to help them live the immense love of God as the only ethical guide of conduct, which makes us help, share, condone, or ask forgiveness without asking anything in return.

Pilar Jiménez and Fernando Hernández



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