Spiritual exercises ‘in everyday life

The Claretian Missionary Team (ECEM) is carrying out the initiative ‘Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life’ with which it intends to offer to those who live the profound experience of encounter with God that strengthens faith, love and hope in the people who make it.

The different groups of people who are making the spiritual exercises began in the months of October and November and will end, as the case may be, in May or June. They are being held in Almendralejo, Seville, Don Benito -parish and school-, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Granada. These exercises are also being carried out by a good group of consecrated Cordimarian women who live in Spain and America.

Its implementation has been facilitated by the availability of Claretian missionaries who, in those places, have assumed the coordination and personal accompaniment of the retreatants.

About 280 people are having this experience.


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