Serving the Word: Mt 8, ,18-22

Matthew 8, 18-22:
“When Jesus saw the great crowds all about him, he gave orders to cross to the other side”.

We have recently seen that following Jesus leads us to a confidence and great faith in him, leaving behind everything that prevents us from following him.
Today we are going to realize that following Jesus necessarily leads us to “cross to the other side”.
“Crossing to the other side” means:
+ Leave everything that is preventing me from such a following.
+ Cross from the side of comfort to the side of service.
+ Cross from the side of sadness at the side of joy.
+ Cross from the side of selfishness to the side of commitment.
+ Cross from the side of laziness to the side of action to build up the Kingdom.
+ Cross, finally, from my own side to the side of the other, which is on the side of Jesus.
If you feel you are stuck on your own “side” try to move today to the “side of Jesus”.
Try to “go to the other side”.
Good day.

Antonio Sanjuan Marin, cmf

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