Serving the Word: John 11: 45-57


John 11, 45-57:
“It is expedient for you that one should die for the people… And on that day they decided to kill him.”

Every day that passes, the confrontation between Jesus and the leaders of the people becomes more tense.
The high priests and the Pharisees cannot bear that Jesus puts the individual above the law, that he speaks of God as a good Father, that he breaks the Sabbath to attend to the needy… and many other things.
The life and teachings of Jesus are not in line with their lives and teachings and so they decide to put Him to death.
This is also what we sometimes do: we take Jesus out of the way when his Gospel is not in line with our interests. When we take from the Gospel what is convenient for us and we remove what we do not like or what is required from us that we are not willing to give.
Wager and choose courageously for Jesus; He brings you peace, joy and happiness.
Stop today for a while and ask yourself how you will live this coming Holy Week.
Good day.

Antonio Maria Sanjuan Marin, cmf

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