Presence in schools of the PJV

After Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it’s time to get back to work. This is where the different educational centres come in, which will surely continue to work in their faith.

In this sense, in the first quarter the Youth Vocation Ministry team (PJV Spain) made its traditional first visit of the year to the schools. In addition to meetings with the communities, pastoral teams and directors, leisure time groups, Youth Claret, etc., it focused its action mainly on the secondary and high school courses, with pastoral hours, celebrations, dialogues in small groups and interviews with the almost 400 students who requested it.

As is logical, the context of the pandemic forced the transformation of the coexistence at the beginning of the year into a more collegial presence. This also meant a greater intracollegiate presence and made possible a daily contact that was well appreciated by all.

From PJV “we give thanks for their work, and for the great educational and pastoral response that is given in our schools and of which they are grateful witnesses, and, above all, we pray for the educational communities of our schools.


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