Pope Francis’ Easter message 2021

Pope Francis delivered his Easter message on Easter Sunday, 4 April, before his Urbi et Orbi blessing from the altar of the cathedra in St Peter’s Basilica.

Here are some sentences from his message:

By embracing the Cross, Jesus has given meaning to our sufferings. And now let us pray that the beneficial effects of this healing will spread to the whole world. Happy, Holy and Serene Easter to all!

The pandemic is still in full swing, the social and economic crisis is very serious, especially for the poorest; and yet – and it is scandalous – armed conflicts continue unabated and military arsenals are strengthened. And today. It is the scandal of today.

The Risen Christ is hope for all those who still suffer from the pandemic, for the sick and for those who have lost a loved one. May the Lord comfort and sustain the labours of the doctors and nurses. All people, especially the most fragile, need assistance and have the right to access the necessary treatment.

We are all called to fight the pandemic, and vaccines are an essential tool in this fight. Therefore, in the spirit of an “internationalism of vaccines”, I urge the entire international community to a common commitment to overcome the delays in their distribution and to promote their distribution, especially in the poorest countries.

The Risen Crucified One is a comfort to those who have lost their jobs or are in serious economic difficulties and lack adequate social protection. May the Lord inspire the action of the public authorities so that all, especially the neediest families, receive the help they need for adequate sustenance. Unfortunately, the pandemic has dramatically increased the number of poor and the despair of thousands of people.

The Risen Jesus is hope also for so many young people who have been forced to spend long periods of time out of school or college, unable to spend time with friends. We all need to experience real human relationships and not just virtual ones, especially at the age when character and personality are being formed.

May the light of the Risen Lord be a source of rebirth for migrants fleeing war and misery. In their faces we recognise the disfigured and suffering face of the Lord who walks towards Calvary. May they not lack concrete signs of solidarity and human brotherhood, a guarantee of the victory of life over death.



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