Migratory Experiences of Proclade Betica

Proclade Betica has launched a new project, “Right to dream: promoting critical awareness with migrants for a global citizenship”, with the aim of promoting a global citizenship, inclusive and free of violence, building critical awareness with migrants, generating new narratives.

To this end, through different programmes, spaces for reflection, social activism and critical awareness will be generated together with migrants on human mobility and gender-based violence for the construction of global citizenship and new narratives.

The first programme to be carried out is entitled “MIGRATORY EXPERIENCES: Each person, a great story” and stems from the success of the four previous editions of the Human Libraries of the Agents Generators of Change project. This programme will take place in summer from 7 to 15 July and will consist of a meeting of people of different nationalities and with diverse migratory trajectories to share, live together and build a street action with local young people.

For more information, please send an email to proyectos@procladebetica.org.

To register and see the programme in more detail, click here.


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