Lent: a time to renew faith, hope and charity

Lent 2021 is beginning. A period called to be lived as a journey of conversion, prayer and sharing our goods. This is expressed in the Message of Pope Francis whose theme is “Behold, we are going up to Jerusalem…” (Mt 20:18). (Mt 20:18).

Some of the ideas that can be read are:

  • Fasting, prayer and almsgiving, as Jesus presents them in his preaching (Mt 6:1-18), are conditions for us to realise our conversion and expression of that conversion.
  • The way of poverty and deprivation (fasting), the gaze and gestures of love towards the wounded (almsgiving) and the dialogue of children with the Father (prayer) allow us to make a sincere faith, a living hope and an active charity tangible.
  • Lent is a time to believe, to receive God into our lives and to allow Him to “make His dwelling” in us.
  • Fasting means to free our existence from everything that hinders (even from the saturation of information and consumer products) in order to open the doors of our heart to the One who comes to us poor in everything, but “full of grace and truth”: the Son of God the Saviour.

We pray for the journey we will follow during Lent which, like the entire Christian journey, is already under the light of the Resurrection, animating the feelings, attitudes and decisions of those who wish to follow Christ.

If you want to read Pope Francis’ Message, click here.


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