Take care of your family: Give thanks to the people of our family for the things that we do not usually give thanks.

Sunday 28th ORDINARY TIME (Luke 17, 11-19)

Jesus was heading towards Jerusalem when 10 lepers shouted out from a distance that he have mercy on them. He recommends that they present themselves to the priest and, on their way, their scars disappear. However, only one, a Samaritan, comes back to Jesus to thank him. The other 9, perhaps by following the law as good Jews which demanded a series of measures to confirm their healing and reintegration into the community, forgot to thank the one who had healed them.
How often do we live something like this in our families! How many times do we give thanks for so much good that others do for us? Household tasks, the sleepless nights, the love, forgiveness, forgetting themselves…even accepting us in our misery and poverty.
“It is polite to be thankful,” the saying goes. And should we not begin to be so precisely in that place in which “we are born” or live? It is perhaps the best way to give thanks to God.

Proposal to take care of the family this week:
Explicitly say “thank you” to people in our family for things for which we often do not give thanks. In addition, we propose to make this beautiful prayer that comes as hymn in the prayer of Lauds: “Thank You Lord for the aurora; thank you for the new day; thank you for the Eucharist; thank you for Our Lady. And thank you for every hour of our walking pilgrimage. Thanks for the gift of your peace and your love; the joy and pain of sharing your path”

Pilar Jiménez and Fernando Hernandez

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