Echo of the Spiritual Exercises ‘Rooted and Audacious’ held in Loja

At the beginning of December 2021, from the 3rd to the 6th, a group of young people from different parts of our Province participated in the Spiritual Exercises under the motto ‘Rooted and Audacious’.

All the participants were able to live an experience of faith, silence and encounter that the Fatima Vincentian Youth Ministry Team has been in charge of collecting during this month of January.

Here you can read some of the fruits of the participants:


“From the Spiritual Exercises I keep the importance of silence, learning through it to pray and converse with God. It is a key element in our direct relationship with Him, so that we can continue to grow as Christians”.


“From the Spiritual Exercises I have many things left. Learning about the need for God in my daily life, personal growth. I also became aware of many wounds and I am healing them little by little with God’s help, finally I became aware of all the people around me who have led me to the Lord and I have created the new habit of praying for each one of them”.


“For me, the Spiritual Exercises were a return to silence and to listening to a God who is in the depths of my life, and from there, rooted in Him, I risked everything to proclaim Him”.


“Silence, look at your life with love and build it from what you are and above all from Love. Determined to continue answering Yes to God’s call to be a Claretian Missionary”.


“Seek Him from your roots to know yourself and to know Him, learning to discern keeping Him in mind”.


“Thanks to the Spiritual Exercises I have been able to resolve doubts I had through silence and solitude, because in silence is the answer, and the answer is God”.


“Without realising it, I had fallen into a routine in which I thought that God had his place, that He was my centre. Now, after the exercises, I have realised that I want to choose Him every day, to live with and from Him. Falling into a routine makes me lose the magic. Now I make every day a new day.


We give thanks for continuing to root your life and faith in God. Thank you for wanting to continue to nurture, with audacity, the fruits of your prayer, silence and reflection in your daily life.

You can read all the testimonies on the website of PJV Fatima (click here).


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