Easter Prayer at CIC

On April 5th, the first day of classes of the third term, the Carvalhos Boarding School (CIC) celebrated Easter in community. In a brief moment of prayer, which brought together students, parents and staff (teaching and non-teaching), they were able to reflect on the meaning of Easter in their lives and school community.

During the Lenten journey, the CIC family has been reflecting individually on how they can help the community by seeking the best in each person.

In this time of Easter reflection, they wanted to “reverse” this question: to show that we are not alone, that we are part of a community that needs us, but that is also there for us.

As they point out, “Easter is for Christians a time of new beginnings, of change, and this year it coincides with the beginning of a time of quarantine. These are difficult times that leave us insecure and fearful of not being up to the task, but in this time of prayer we emerge stronger, made stronger by the sharing of our gifts.

“The Lord always goes before you, always walks before you. And with him, life always begins anew” (Pope Francis, excerpt from the homily of the Easter Vigil 2021).


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