Distance learning day for all teachers at CIC

Taking advantage of the Portuguese government’s interruption of the school year to halt the progress of COVID-19 and before classes resume, the teaching staff of the Colegio Internato dos Carvalhos (CIC) had an online training day in which they had the opportunity to reflect and share knowledge and strategies to improve their educational practice in the context of distance education.

Under the direction of Dr. Alfredo Leite, a graduate in Psychology (educational branch) and specialist in the development of communication skills, they reflected on ‘Education in times of pandemic: resilience, motivation and confidence’. Concepts such as resilience, motivation and confidence are essential in any stage of life or professional context, but become even more relevant in the current pandemic situation, especially in educational contexts.

In the afternoon, through the Microsoft Teams platform, Eng. Evaristo Moreira and Dr. Filipe Camarinha promoted a reflection on ‘Key points of E@D’, using collaborative work as a methodology. The best work is always done as a team.

The day was very enriching for everyone.

We pray that the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic will improve little by little.

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