Consecrated life, parable of fraternity in a wounded world

This week, specifically on February 2, the XXV World Day of Consecrated Life has been commemorated under the motto ‘Consecrated life, parable of fraternity in a wounded world’.

We pray to God to thank Him for the consecrated persons who form part of the Claretian family since, through multiple faces, shades, colours, etc., they show us daily the expression of mercy and testimony of fraternity in a wounded world.

Many of our parishes in their social networks wanted to dedicate a few words to the consecrated persons who are part of their community, as was the case of the Parish of the Holy Spirit in Granada (to the Hospitaller Sisters) or the Parish of Our Lady of Carmen in Malaga (to their Claretian missionaries), from where the images we show you are taken.

The aim of this day is to help the whole Church to value more and more the testimony of those who have chosen to follow Christ closely and dedicate their lives to Him: they are men and women who, in the midst of countless challenges, on the roadside or in the most inhospitable corner of any neighbourhood, become help for the wounds of the world.

Today, too, consecrated persons are helping people who are experiencing new forms of injustice, affliction and despair: those affected by COVID-19.


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