Commentary for Sunday: 28th February

Mark 9, 2-10:

Sunday 28th February 2021 (2nd T C B)


This Sunday’s word of God is a call to put all our trust in God our Father: the sacrifice of Isaac, the transfiguration of the Lord before the apostles and the faith of Paul.


Whenever I read the passage of Isaac’s sacrifice I am always impressed by the attitude of his father Abraham. He trusted God and left his homeland to go into the unknown. He waited on the promise that he would be a father, and it wasn’t until late in life that his dreams were fulfilled. And now God asks him to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice, in whom the promise would be fulfilled, and he does not hesitate to do so.

What would he feel in his heart: abandonment, forgetfulness on the part of God? In the midst of the terrible trial, his words: “God will provide”. And God comes back to meet him. Through his faithfulness, God’s promise is fulfilled and he will be the father of multitudes. From him the people of Israel will be born. He is the father of all believers.


And we don’t seem to be able to trust God. We always need to feel “our backs are covered”. We always want a sign, we always want a guarantee. This is my Son, listen to him! the voice of the Father tells us. And even though he has given us that sign in the resurrection of Jesus, we still don’t trust him. We don’t quite understand.


Neither did the apostles, even though he was transfigured before them and showed them the glory.

The difficulties of everyday life must not blur the vision of what God has promised us. Our faith and trust in God’s word must be strengthened by the signs that God gives us every day, but which we must discover.


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf


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