Take care of the family: say a quality for each member of the family

In the Gospel passage Jesus goes from “the approval and admiration for the words that come from his mouth” to “Is this not the son of Joseph?” and finally to that of “taking him out of the town to the edgeof the cliff……with the intention of throwing himover”.
We must recognise that in families there are cases of approval and admiration just for being family, such as being disregard for being known – child of so and so or sister of whoever- even to being rejected at times.
But we must also acknowledge that whatever member of the family they are something of ours and, above all, a child of God and as such a relative and friend of Jesus, as he tells us himself.

Suggestion for taking care of the family this week:

Let us look at the members of our family as brothers and sisters and children of God, regardless of whatever consideration we have to disregard the person or take them less into account just because they are close or related to family members with whom we have had scrapes or disputes.
Would we be capable, at some moment, of saying a quality of each member of our wider family, including those who, a priori, provoke most rejection?

Margarita Angulo and José Morenodávila

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