At the service of the fraternity

“Fraternity leads us to open ourselves to the Father of all and to see in the other a brother, a sister to share life or to support each other, to love, to know.

“The Church values the action of God in other religions, without forgetting that for us Christians the source of human dignity and brotherhood is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ”.

“We believers must return to our sources and concentrate on what is essential. What is essential to our faith, the worship of God and the love of neighbor”.

These are some of the phrases that we can find in a video produced by Pope Francis in which, for this 2021 that has just begun, he proposes a new challenge to us: to be more fraternal.

“Let us dream as one humanity, as walkers of the same human flesh, as children of this same land that shelters us all, each one with the richness of his faith or his convictions, each one with his own voice, all brothers and sisters”.

Do you dare to cultivate dialogue and give yourself the space to know others better? We pray for all the people who want to join this initiative and put the fraternity into practice.

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