April, book month at Proclade Betica

April has been a month full of books, readers and promotors in PROCLADE Bética. These are the roles of the participants of Human Libraries, one of the Education for Development programmes integrated in the project Change Generating Agents.


Thus, they have been able to be in Cordoba and Granada with two groups formed by migrants and locals to generate advocacy on the right to migrate. They have been able to count on the collaboration of organisations such as Córdoba Acoge, APIC, Elmat, Loyola Córdoba University, the Amani Citizens’ Platform, the Solidarity School Foundation, the Jesús-María Hall of Residence…


The learning and the links generated have been an immense gift that makes us persevere in the search for justice and in the personal and collective transformation that we need to be the change we want to see in the world. Let’s go for it!

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