Activities taking advantage of special dates in the Claret Residences in Seville and Granada

The Claret Residences for the Elderly in Seville and Granada have taken advantage of the different commemorations of these days to carry out activities that help to improve the quality of life of their residents.

Thus, during the week of 7 March to 11 March, at the Claret Residence in Seville, different activities related to International Women’s Day (8 March) were organised. A labour therapy workshop, a debate to reflect on the role of women in society and their evolution over the last few decades, an artistic mural featuring the faces of women from the centre, and the showing of a video about a psychologist in which equality between men and women was discussed.

The Claret Residence in Granada also celebrated International Women’s Day with various activities and workshops. In one of the workshops, hearts were cut out and joined together, which served to work on fine and gross motor skills, as well as social skills and time orientation.


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