XXVI General Chapter: election of the consultors and prefects for the next six-year term

With the month of September just begun, the XXVI General Chapter dedicated the day to the election of the consultors and prefects who will accompany our Superior General, Fr. Mathew Vattamattam CMF, in the next six years.

The Word of God began by illuminating the election day with the proclamation of the Gospel text of the election of the twelve apostles. With the presence of the seventy-six capitulants in the hall, the numbers of our Constitutions and of our Directory that concern the election and acceptance or not of the office on the part of the elected Claretians were read. In addition, a space was given for the Claretians present who had received the most votes in the previous day’s poll to express, according to their will, if they had any reason or impediment not to accept the office in case of being elected by absolute majority.

With the due measures, the counting of the votes, the consultation and formal acceptance of those elected by the will of the chapter assembly, the consultors and prefects for the six-year term 2021-2027 are as follows:


– Consultor and Prefect of Apostolate: Fr. Pedro Belderrain CMF

– Consultor and Prefect of Spirituality and Community Life: Fr. Carlos Enrique Sánchez Miranda CMF

– Consultor and Prefect of Formation: Fr. Joseph Mbungu-Mutu CMF

– Consultor and Prefect of Youth and Vocation Ministry: Br. Carlos Horacio Antonio Verga CMF

– Consultor and Prefect of Biblical Pastoral Ministry and Communication: Fr. Henry Omonisaye CMF

– Consultor and Prefect of Economy: Fr. Manuel Alfredo Tamargo Rodríguez CMF


During the Eucharistic celebration, presided over by the Superior General and all his council, it was time to thank the Lord for this new government which will continue with the processes already initiated by the previous government.

Mathew Vattamattam announced the confirmation of Fr Joseba Kamiruaga as Secretary General and the appointment of Fr Henry Omonisaye as Vicar General.

We wish our confreres a service that is rooted and bold, grounded and fruitful. May the Spirit of the Lord, who is upon them today, enable them to live in communion and accompany them throughout their journey.

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