Commentary for Sunday: VI of Ordinary Time

17 February 2019. (6 th O.T.).

The gospel today presents us with the Lord, again teaching the multitudes who had come from all over.In his teachings he makes it very clear what are the criteriaof life to be his disciples. And, as is often the case, these criteria do not matchexactly with those of the people who listened to him, nor with ours. His wordscan produce confusion and contradiction. He is not talking about “another world”, butours where there are people who have no qualms in enriching themselves or filling themselves at the costof others, and while these ones laugh, others cry. Our world congratulates those who arerich, those who are successful and those who are applauded by all.Jesus denounces this way of life when he proclaims the beatitudes. Hetells us that this is not God’s plan for humanity. That true happiness is not to be foundin putting trust in material things and one’s own satisfaction, but ratherin concern about others coming from trust in God.Being a follower of Jesus is not easy. Not everybody understands it. It is not just about beingbaptized or saying a few prayers, but believing in him, to trust in his word and follow hisway of life, although it seems difficult for us at times.With harsh words Jeremiah also reminds us in the first reading: “Cursed arethose who put their trust in man turning their heart from the Lord”. Jesus shows us amore lasting happiness that the fleeting moments offered to us by this world.

Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, CMF

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