The Meeting of Parishes and Temples of Spain of the Province of Fatima 2022

From September 2 to 4, the Encounter of Parishes and Temples of Spain of the Province of Fatima, under the motto ‘Synodality: a style of being Church and of doing pastoral work’, was held in the Diocesan House of Malaga (Spain), to which the Claretian missionaries members of the teams of our parishes and temples, as well as lay people, mostly members of the pastoral council, were called. It was organised by the ECEM (Claretian Team of Missionary Evangelisation).

Among the objectives of the encounter:

  1. To meet again to celebrate, to share and to look together to the future.
  2. To deepen the synodal dimension of our parishes and temples based on our Claretian identity.
  3. To continue walking together in the construction of Christian communities “in missionary outreach”.

The first day, Friday, September 2, served for the participants to introduce themselves and get to know each other better.

On Saturday, September 3, in the morning it was the time to deal with themes such as ‘Church and Synodality’ or ‘Laity and Synodality’, being Fano the person in charge of illuminating the theme and guiding the work dynamics; and the afternoon was centred on ‘Walking together in the Claretian parishes and temples’.

And on Sunday, September 4, it was the moment to give different information of the Province of Fatima as well as to evaluate the encounter, ending with a final Eucharist presided by Jorge R. Sánchez, Vicar Provincial.


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