The experience of God’s love in Campo de Silencio (Field of Silence)

The Spanish Youth Vocational Team (EPJV_Spain) is immersed in the last of this summer’s Christian convivences in Loja (Granada, Spain).

After Genesis, Exodus for 1st Bachillerato and Exodus for 4th ESO, the experience of love of Campos de Silencio (from 21st to 27th July) has begun.

The first night, guided by Mother Teresa of Calcutta and John of the Cross, the young people went out to meet the living flame of love and have already been able to make a covenant with God that will increase as the days go by.

We pray together with the Team and the Claretian family that everything will continue to develop as planned and that there will be a true experience and a propitious time of encounter with God.


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