The end of the school year is coming to the schools of our Province

The end of the school year is approaching in the schools of our Province, so it is time to take stock and give thanks for these months that have been lived. We would like to inform you about some of the activities that have been and will be carried out in the schools:

Claret School of Don Benito

At the end of May, the Claret School of Don Benito celebrated the last Casa Claret of the year, with the title “Casa de Corazón” (House of the Heart) because it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was a monthly catechesis – coexistence with the students of 5th and 6th EP, in which the 4th EP students who had received their 1st Communion in the Parish of San Juan and the Claret School were invited. For their part, that same weekend the young people of ESO and Bachillerato concluded their course of catechesis giving thanks to God for sharing the faith and growing in their desire to follow Jesus and live the Gospel. Next year “more and better”.

And on Wednesday 7th June, the students who form part of the Claret Choir gathered in the Patio de Cristales to close this course with a well-deserved snack after the good collaborative work done during the course and the coexistence that has taken place between its members.


Claret School of Las Palmas

From the week of 5 to 9 June, by levels in Primary, at Colegio Claret de Las Palmas they celebrated what they have built throughout this course “From the Word”: placing in the hands of Jesus the effort, coexistence, joy and respect, the Word of God has accompanied the students, teachers and staff of the centre and has helped them to build in community during these months.


Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos (CIC)

On Saturday 17th June, the Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos (CIC) will host the ‘Meeting of Generations’, one of the initiatives being carried out to commemorate the 115th anniversary of the school. The aim is to spend a pleasant day of reunions, conviviality and a lot of joy with the people who have formed and continue to form the ‘CIC Family’ over the years.

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