Thank you, from the bottom of my heart – Testimony of Andrés on his farewell to the PJV_Spain Team

After two years in the PJV_Spain Team, with a grateful heart and with the mission in his heart, Andrés concludes his service in the team. He promises to continue collaborating with us. We, grateful for his generous dedication, his contagious joy and his strength of spirit, thank him for what we have shared and promise to pray for him. Thank you!

Here is the testimony he wanted to share with all of us and a video-summary we have prepared for him:

In these first days of September, in which I am gradually settling into my new duties and tasks, many grateful memories of these two years in the PJV Team come to my mind. Looking back, I thank God for so much good that I have received.

During this time I have had the privilege to get very close to the lives of many people, to share hurts and joys, dreams and longings… and, above all, to share faith in Jesus of Nazareth. I never thought that, at the end of this experience, I would be able to conclude with the certainty of having so many “friends in the Lord”.

I leave enormously grateful, with my heart full of names, with the commitment to remain united in prayer, and with the desire to continue participating and collaborating actively in the mission that unites all of us who form part of the Claretian family of Fatima. If something is clear to me after these years, it is that nothing of what the Team does is possible without you. There is no Team without young people. There is no Team without APJs. That is why, from here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all that you do so that the evangelising youth mission of the Team becomes a reality.

Thanks to the Claretian Missionaries, for all your affection and welcome, for having given me this opportunity. In a special way: thank you Tomas, thank you Michel, thank you Martin, it has been a pleasure to share mission with you! Thanks to the APJs, you have always made me feel loved and cared for everywhere. Thanks to the young people, for your trust and your respect, I have learned a lot from you.

Knowing that life is a continuous flow, that everything passes, that nothing and nobody belongs to us, and that we must aspire to nothing more than to be a pleasant “place of passage, of rest, of peace…” for others, I say goodbye happy; with the awareness of those who feel that, with their failures and their successes, they have offered their best version and have put their best effort and enthusiasm into everything they have done.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.




The testimony on the PJV Fatima website, here.


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