Take of your family: Ask God for His Spirit for a particular family circumstance in need of peace

Pentecost Sunday (John 20: 19-23)

Jesus is peace. In all the appearances after his death, Jesus always proclaimed a message of peace. And how necessary at times is peace within our families! After Pentecost, the apostles knew what the Spirit is that Jesus was speaking about in his public life and manifests himself in that “do not be afraid” and that “live in peace”. How good it would be if we discover the Spirit of God in our home as a presence that brings peace and removes our fears. Besides, as happened to the apostles in the Gospel- we will be more prepared to take the word of God with joy and optimism without fear “of the Jews” or anyone, filled with strength and confidence.

Proposal to take care of the family this week:
Think of a family circumstance where there is need of “peace” and ask all together for God to give us his Spirit to obtain it

Alicia del Pozo and Francisco Bonachera



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