Take care of the family: every mornig pray to Gog to be a “fisher of men” familiy

Sunday V Ordinary Time
This passage shows us Jesus choosing his first disciples by the Lake of Genesaret. Peter feels touched by his words and attracted by his person. That is why, he, along with others, respond to his call from total adherence and the abandonment of their previous life, becoming “fishers of men”. They are not “learned” individuals or especially religious, but the closeness and experience of Jesus makes them into spreaders of his Gospel.
Today, 20 centuries later, Jesus continues to call all Christians to work for the Kingdom, putting God at the centre of our life, overcoming our fears and letting Him enlighten us. Our families are also called to be “fishers of men” and to work so that all the people around us become “brothers and sisters”.

Proposal to take care of the family this week:
At the beginning of each day, let’s put in the hands of God our activities, so that they be a prolongation of his will and ask us to be a “fisher of men”.family.

Pilar Jiménez and Fernando Hernández

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