Take care of your family: Participate in the Eucharist together and, later, talk about how we can be more like Jesus.

Sunday OF CORPUS CHRISTI (Luke 9, ,11B-17)

“Give them to eat.The usual attitude of Jesus with people was to:RECEIVE, SPEAK (of the Kingdom) and HEAL.
And when they ask him for another type of intervention it seems as if he is trying to get out of it.”Give them something to eat yourselves*
The feast of Corpus Christi that today we celebrate with joy, in addition to worshiping and thanksgiving, it should mean that we ourselves and our families a willingness to:
 RECEIVE: Have the doors of our homes open to many
 SPEAK:(between us and those who we occasionally meet) about issues but not merely superficially, but rather things that matter.
 HEAL: sorrows, anxieties, concerns, loneliness, complexes…
Proposal for taking care of the family this week:
In the Eucharist on this day, in which we celebrate that Christ is broken and sahrs himself as food for all, ask God to help you practice these three verbs:RECEIVE (an attitude of openness), SPEAK (attitude of dialogue), HEAL (attitude of giving).

Manuel Devolx.



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