Take care of your family: Each one, commit to take care of “one small detail” that another member of the family likes.

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mt 10:37-42)

Today, the Gospel reminds us that we must place Jesus in a prominent place in our lives, even above our nearest and dearest: above the love of father, mother, children… He must be the Priority of our existence. But we know that if this is so… it will translate into love for others, which is something that is indispensable for Christians. That is why he also tells us about the need to place, alongside him, those people -from the family or not- who are in unfavourable conditions. With them he asks us to act with his sensitivity, mercy, generosity, compassion… charity.

Proposal to take care of the family this week:
The teachings of Jesus in this gospel are very significant in our family life. They emphasize the importance of faith as something primordial. Therefore, the presence of Jesus in our daily tasks in the heart of the family should be a constant, especially in the treatment between spouses and with our children, showing sensitivity and tolerance to the problems and situations that arise, finding the best way out in dialogue and respect for everyone, applying that generosity, first within the family, to those who suffer for any cause, and also to our neighbour in need… as well as taking care of the small details: in the treatment, respect, blessing of the table, good wishes, etc. Perhaps this week each one could resolve to take care of a “small detail” that another member of the family likes, as a way of making “visible” the love to which Jesus sends us.

Lourdes del Pozo and Juan José Sánchez

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