Take care of your family: Discuss as a family what is the order of our values.

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mt 13:44-52)

If you are a disciple of the kingdom of heaven, you are like a householder who brings out of his treasure things new and old. Of course, for that you must have discovered the treasure. But how do we know that we have discovered it?
Only, if we have “sold” everything else to find it.
It is time for the father of the family and, if possible, the whole family to rethink where their treasure is. Is the family an image of the Kingdom of God? Is the ultimate value to do the will of the Father?

Proposal to take care of the family this week:
Let’s ask ourselves this week what is the order of values of our family. Let’s look at our ultimate goals, thoughts, and conversations. Do they respond to a clear primacy of the kingdom of heaven?
When we pray the Lord’s Prayer this week, let us consider whether the request for His kingdom to come is truly sincere.

Margarita Angulo and José Morenodávila

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