Take care of the family: Think about a family situation in which we can act from love

Sunday V, Easter, Cycle C (John 13, 31-33a. 34-35).

What a message this reading has! And how important for our families! With few words, Jesus teaches us what it means to be a Christian and what motivates them to sow love in human relationships. He gave us a new commandment, “love one another”, and if we forget the meaning of what it is to love, he shows us the model to follow: “As I have loved you”, that is, without tricks, without self-interest and always giving and forgiving, ultimately with a total love that renounces one’s self to give life for others. That love will be the hallmark of Jesus’ disciples. And that love should be the hallmark of the disciple of Jesus in the bosom of his family: a love that tries to imitate that of God, unlimited, unconditional… A love called to bring light and to inspire a new and better life style.

Proposal to take care of your family this week:

Let us take advantage of any occasion in our family gatherings to bear witness to Christian charity, responding to anger with peace, to violence with gentleness, to revenge with forgiveness and hatred with love. Keep these attitudes as a standard of conduct is a work for life.

Pilar Jimenez and Fernando Hernandez

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