Take care of the family: Check if we are being “good pastors” for one another in the family.

IV Easter

Jn 10:27-30
As a family we must reflect that we are all members of the great flock that has such a good shepherd. We must listen to his voice, be able to distinguish it from other spurious voices that confuse us in order to serve him from the nucleus of the family.
It’s also worth considering the family as a small pen within the larger sheepfold which is the Church. Those responsible for the family must dedicate themselves to be pastors. with a small letter, as a modest and incomplete reflection of the Good Shepherd.

Proposal to take care of your family this week:

Reflect as a family if we are sheep who listen to his voice and follow him, with the assurance that no one can snatch us out of his hands.
Consider whether we are those pastors, with a small letter, who ensure that no one can snatch the members of the family out of the Father’s hands.

Margarita Angulo and José Morenodavila



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