Student meeting at Zhomba Mission to prepare for the new school year

On Saturday 22nd July there was a meeting of the Education Changes Lives (ECV) education project at Zhomba Mission, Gokwe North (Zimbabwe).

It was a good opportunity to share the issues and challenges that the students are facing at present and in preparation for the new school year. It was also the first meeting led by Fr Joaquín Béjar cmf, who was recently appointed to Zhomba and who will now be the person leading the project.

The ECV programme aims to contribute to guaranteeing the right to education for children and young people as a fundamental strategy for integral personal and community development. Specifically, this project, which is included in the ECV programme and which is developed thanks to the support of Proclade Bética and Proclade Canarias, is aimed at supporting young people who want to access higher education. Education truly changes lives.



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