Seville Youth Vocational Meeting

If life were a song, what part of that song would I sing, a verse, a chorus? What is my rhythm in life? What is my VOCATION in the world? What does God want for me?

The PJV Spain Team invited the young people of Seville to ask God Jesus in the Vocational Meeting they held on Wednesday 23rd March.

Through the vocational testimony of Fr. Amador CMF, Luisa and María HICM (Filiación Cordimariana) and Fr. Alejandro CMF, they were able to discover that vocation is a gift, and that it is worth giving one’s life to God and to others.

Like the YVM Team, we continue to pray for our young people, especially for those who are considering living their vocation in religious life, in the style of Father Claret.



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