Serving the Word: Mk 2: 23-28

Mark 2, 23-28:
“The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath”.

In Jesus’ day there were many strict Jewish rules and regulations that suffocated the very life of the individual.
The rule was followed because it was the rule without being aware that the spirit of every law must be the defence of the dignity of the human person.
The precept to keep the sabbath had gone to such an extreme that even to save a person’s life was a transgression of the law.
Jesus teaches us the value of every person whoever they are, of whatever colour, of whatever age or what nationality they are.
We all have our own little rules that sometimes hinder total commitment to the other person.
Personal rules by which we judge others, that stop us from leaving our own peaceful existence, that hinder generous and disinterested service to our sister and brother and, above all, rules that make us intransigent and misunderstanding of others.
Once again, learn from Jesus today. Ask him for an understanding and merciful heart like his so that in it there is, in first place, your brother and sister and not incomprehension and intransigence.
Good day.

Antonio Sanjuán Marín, cmf

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