Serving the Word: John 12: 44-50


John 12, 44-50:
“I came into the world as light, and so whoever believes in me will not be left in darkness.”

These past days, Jesus presented himself to us as the Good Shepherd who invites us to listen to him and follow him.
If you do not want your faith to gradually fade away and fall into superficiality and an atmosphere of darkness and gloom, you have to listen to the voice of Jesus, who will enlighten your steps, your feelings and your actions with his living word.
He will enlighten you:
+ so that you may believe what He believed,
+ so that you may value what He valued,
+ so that you may defend what He defended,
+ so that you may do good as He did,
+ so that you can trust the Father as He trusted,
+ so that you can face life and death as He did.
Without the light that Jesus gives you with His Word, there are few steps you can take in following Him.
Get used to always seeking that light and living in it.
Good day.

Antonio Maria Sanjuan Marin, cmf

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