Serving the Word: 5th April


Matthew 26, 14-25:

“The disciples carried out Jesus’ instructions and prepared for the Passover”.


Tomorrow we begin the celebration of Easter. This celebration cannot go unnoticed for a Christian. It is the central celebration of our faith.

What instructions do you think Jesus is giving you this special and particular year to prepare for Easter?

Stop for a while today and think about how you are preparing for Easter.

Think about what you want to die in you. Think about what you want to be resurrected in you.

Live during these days the “passoer” of God in your life. God’s “passover” is always liberating and saving.

Let yourself be liberated and saved by Him. Be ready to live this Easter as a newness in your life.

Let it not be just another Easter for you. It will necessarily be very special.

Let it be your Easter because you pass from death to life together with Jesus.

May you fulfil the instructions that Jesus gives you.

Happy Easter of the Lord.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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