Serving the Word: 27th June

MONDAY 27th JUNE 2022

Matthew 8, 18-22:

“When Jesus saw that many people crowded around him, he gave orders to cross over to the other side.”


We have recently seen that following Jesus leads us to a trust and a great faith in him leaving all that hinders us from following him.

Let us realise today that following Jesus necessarily leads us to “cross over to the other side”.

To “cross over to the other shore” means:

+ Letting go of everything that is hindering me from following him.

+ Crossing from the shore of comfort to the shore of service.

+ Crossing over from the shore of sadness to the shore of joy.

+ Crossing from the shore of selfishness to the shore of surrender.

+ Crossing from the shore of laziness to the shore of action to extend the Kingdom.

+ Crossing, in short, from my own shore to the shore of others, which is the shore of Jesus.

If you feel that you are settled on your own “shore”, try to cross over today to the “shore of Jesus”.

Try to “move to the other shore”.

Good day.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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