Serving the Word: 21st April

FRIDAY 21st APRIL 2023

John 6, 1-15:

“Jesus took the loaves, said the thanksgiving and distributed them to those who were seated, and likewise as much as they wanted of the fish.”


What wonders Jesus does with five barley loaves and two fish! He satisfies the hunger of more than five thousand people! But to perform the miracle he wants the help of a young man.

Never tell Jesus that you are no good, that you are not ready, that you have no qualities, that you are not able. These are all excuses.

Put at Jesus’ disposal the little that you are and the little that you have. He only needs that little to perform the miracle.

With your poor contribution, Jesus will continue to satisfy the hunger of many people not only in need of material bread but also in need of the bread of companionship, forgiveness, joy, consolation, closeness and so many other “breads”.

Today work with Jesus so that the two of you together may work many “miracles” on this day.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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