Serving the Word: 18th July

TUESDAY, JULY 18th, 2023

Matthew 11, 20-24:

“Jesus began to reproach the towns where he had done almost all his miracles, because they had not been converted.”


Today would be a good time to stop for a while and review, even if only in passing, the many “miracles” that God has done and continues to do in you and in each one of us.

Continuous “miracles” that we hardly notice.

And it would also be a good occasion for you, besides recognizing them, to be grateful for them. Because “it is well bred to be grateful”.

Ask the Lord to teach you to appreciate all that you have received from him and raise your hands and your heart to him with a grateful gaze.

Be grateful for the “miracle of life”, the “miracle of love”, the “miracle of friendship”, the “miracle of work”, the “miracle of family”, the “miracle of being able to enjoy a few days of rest”, the miracle of…

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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