Serving the Word: 17th October


Luke 12, 13-21:

“Beware of all covetousness. For even if a man has plenty, his life does not depend on his possessions….. So it shall be with those who amass riches for themselves and are not rich in the sight of God”.


We live immersed in consumerism and in having. We accumulate more and more things. We do not know how to live if we are not surrounded by everything that the media, advertising and fashion offer us. We want to be rich to enjoy everything that wealth can provide.

But all that, like everything human, is ephemeral and can break and shatter at any moment.

The wisdom of today’s gospel invites us to be rich before God. And the wealth that God values and wants is precisely our poverty. May we know how to value first and foremost his love, his affection, his closeness, his forgiveness, his grace, his goodness, his mercy……

This is the wealth that no one can ever take away from us.

Fill yourself with God’s wealth, which is the only wealth that can enrich you forever.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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