Serving the Word: 13th July

THURSDAY, JULY 13th, 2023

Matthew 10:7-15:

“What you have received freely, give freely.”


We live in a world where everything is bought or sold.

We use the word GRATUITY very little. And we use much less the content and practice of that word.

However, from the Gospel everything is grace, everything is a gift, everything is free. God does not charge us for anything. He gives us everything free of charge.

Free of charge we receive daily life and everything that surrounds us and that we have.

Free of charge we receive his mercy and forgiveness.

Free of charge we receive his love and affection. Freely we receive his joy and his consolations….

Jesus invites us today to give freely all those gifts that we have received from the Father.

Give also those gifts that you have received from God: peace, mercy, forgiveness, affection, cordiality, joy….

Think today of three gifts that you can distribute during these summer days and dedicate yourself to distribute them freely.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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