Serving the Word: 11th July

TUESDAY, JULY 11th, 2023

Matthew 19, 27-29:

“Whoever for my sake leaves house or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, will receive a hundredfold and inherit eternal life.”


Jesus is always inviting us to follow Him, but he never forces us. Following him must be a very free act on our part.

Jesus only invites and promises. His promise is to receive a hundred times more than what we give up to follow Him.

Whoever chooses Jesus will never be disappointed and will never be a loser. But we cling to our small interests and let ourselves lose the great treasure that is given to us in Jesus.

May Jesus always come first for you. Never think of what you lose but what you gain when you choose him.

Ask him to help you to put behind him everything in your life that is before or first before him.

Good day.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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